A Whole Lot of Future

By: Hannah Kim
Sometimes we feel motivated, sometimes we feel pressured, and sometimes we just feel downright done with stupid responsibilities. If you’re like me, whenever my mom tells me to do something, it makes me want to jump in my bed and rev up another nap. Often times, I ask myself if it’s even worth it to get out of bed and a lot of times, I ask the world, “What’s in it for me if I do?” I’m sure many can relate and I honor those who don’t.
To me, this attitude towards my responsibilities is wrong. That’s not always how I feel. More than enough times, I’ve thrown in the towel on various things such as finishing a never-ending spreadsheet, turning in a homework assignment, or even running the whole mile for Phys. Ed. Giving up on these simple tasks even though I knew I had it in me to take another step was disappointing when I thought it over. I mean, I’m alive aren’t I? Why couldn’t I just work harder.
Throughout my lifetime, my Asian mother has sent me to countless tutoring academies. And let me just tell you – it is not cheap and I hated going. I literally threw a tantrum every time I had to go, but somehow, my mother always managed to have me attend them. I would ask myself, “Why in the world is this woman always making me grind away in these terrible, classes?” But again, I was wrong. My mother was only preparing me for the “real world.” What does the “real world” even mean? It means that someday, you’re going to have to become an independent person that will be able to support yourself while battling life’s challenges.
As I grow older, I realize that I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t learn the discipline that I was raised with. I wouldn’t have realized that one day I was going to be thrown into the real world without any backup. Preparing for the future is such an important topic to tackle. Many don’t realize that it’s bound to happen. Time isn’t going to wait for you even if your motto is “Carpe Diem.”
Now, I’m not saying that you have to become a millionaire or be the best in your field. The larger point is that whatever you have now, take it as an opportunity for you to grow as a friend, as a family member, and as a human being. Become a proud person and stand with dignity in what you have. Even if obstacles in the future are bound to happen, have faith and hope that it’s only for the best. And when you make it out, know that you’ve only grown to become a stronger person.  Work as hard as you can and become a role model – for yourself and for future generations ahead.



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