Christmas: A Sikh Point of View


By: Rumi Singh

When it comes to decorating the house and gifting. We're all head over heels for those activities. 

Although we do not celebrate Christmas religiously, Christmas just gives us a chance to celebrate  just for fun. For us it's a tradition to have a delicious Christmas Eve dinner. My mom will spend the whole day in the kitchen, while the whole night is spent eating. Typically, my family will sing carols, prop up the Christmas tree, and exchange gifts. 

It's a relaxing time for us and it gives us some time to part-ay since most of our festivals are religious. However, we have as much as fun as anyone. 

In India, Sikhs traditionally do not celebrate Christmas, but most of us who live in host countries, do celebrate it. Ultimately, Christmas is a time of goodwill for all humanity. It is time to give, share and celebrate family.  For this reason, I always celebrate Christmas with an open heart.



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