Christmas: A Christian Point of View

Credit// The Telegraph UK

By: Dinithi Jayasuriya

Ever since I could remember, Christmas has been the single most important event of the year. All throughout the year my family remained as well, just the average family, until December came along. 

My family hails from a tiny little island called Sri Lanka, and Christmas is a very religious occasion. As soon as December hits, the baking begins. We make sweet and savory Sri Lankan treats such as Love cakes, Cherry cookies, Jaggery cakes, and many more. Sad thing is no one is allowed a bite until Christmas!

Then there, of course, come the string of Christmas parties, but as soon as Christmas Eve comes along, we are full on “Birth of Christ” mode. Most kids go to sleep on the 24th and wake up to presents on the 25th. However, in our family we go to church all dressed up on the 24th for the Midnight Mass, and when we come home we open our presents and make sure Santa Claus ate his cookies, and the reindeer ate their carrots.

Our family also has a rule that we don’t listen to Christmas carols until December 1st. But as soon as December comes along, it’s like classic Christmas carols all day everyday. Also, decorations go up on the first weekend of December, and go down in February. Then we wake up on the 25th and host our annual Christmas party. 

I’ve had the pleasure of living in three different countries in two different continents, but no matter where we are, Christmas never fails to bring us all together.



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