Best Eyebrow Stencils: How To Choose, & Use Eye Stencils

by Jennifer Kurtz

What’s that one key feature that changes your face altogether? Different people will come up with very logical assumptions like nose, eyes and lips but science suggests something different: eyebrows! As unbelievable as it may sound but your eyebrows have been awarded as the feature with the highest face value. According to a research, brows are deemed more important than eyes, if you intend to make a lasting impression!

Eastern Brows
In Eastern households, it’s a very common practice of mothers to instruct their daughters to never touch their eyebrows as shaping them will make them look clever hence most of us have spent our good years with either mono brows or thick furry brows. But if you have managed to finally take your brows in your own hands then consider using eyebrow stencils for a change.

Eyebrows Stencils – What and How?
Brow shaping has become an art which takes a lot of practice but if you are beginners then eyebrow stencils are what you need. They are plastic stencils with patterns of different brow shapes which when placed against your natural brows and the pattern you want is drawn using a brow product after which you can tweeze or wax the stray hair that fall outside the shape. Easy isn’t it?

Types of Stencils Available?
  • Plastic Eyebrow Stencils – As the name suggests they are made of plastic and can be used several times if they are kept clean after each use.
  • Celebrity Inspired Eyebrows- If you feel that your natural brow shape mimics one of the celebrity brows then you can get hold of customized celebrity brow kits available under the banners of Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston and a lot more.
  • Eyebrow Stencil Sets- These eyeliner stencils come in the form of portable, good to go and travel friendly kits. Such palettes are perfect for beginner brows as they come with various brow stencils and some brow products like brow wax and clear brow gel along with useful tools like tweezers and spoolie all packed in one.
  • Pre-Waxed Eyebrow Stencils - These stencils shape your brows via brow waxing. After you have firmly applied them, you can remove them which automatically rids you of any stray hairs leaving behind the desired shape.

Choosing The Right Stencils- Do Your Homework
Various high end and drugstore brands have collaborated with makeup artists worldwide to come up with their customized versions of eyebrow stencils but not every stencil set is identical to the other. Confused? No need. Just keep the below points in mind before getting one for yourself.
  • Stand in the mirror and trim your eyebrows and figure out the natural shape of your eyebrows and what possible shape will compliment your face. People have different brow shapes; some have curved, flat, arched, flat angled and round brows.
  • Try to analyze what the shape of your face is as it helps determining which face shape will look good on you. Soft angled brows will look good on an oval face while high arched brows compliment a rounder face.

How To Use Stencils
  • Clean and groom your eyebrows. It’s even better that you have tweezed or waxed stray hair. Take a spoolie and comb your brows in the direction of growth
  • Take your eyebrow stencil and carefully place it on your brows while holding it firmly in place.
  • Take a brow product (brow pencil or brow paint) and mark an outline of the shape and start filling in with product.
  • Carefully remove the stencil without smudging the pattern you have already drawn.
  • Take an eyebrow spoolie and comb it through the hair to align them naturally with the brow color, this step accentuated the brow shape and gives it a natural feel.
  • Use a generous coat of clear eyebrow gel to lock the hair in place.
  • Use tweezers to remove the any hair you have missed removing before. And there you have it! Well defined and professional shaped eyebrows done at home.

Best Eyebrow Stencil Set
The market is overflowing with brow products and stencil sets and the four sets that have caught my eye are:
Happy Brow Shaping Experience Girls!



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