No Straps Attached

At the age of thirteen I bought my first training bra with my mom. Looking at the choices in the store was a stressful endeavor. What cup size was I? What color goes well with what shirt? Why do some have painful wires? My teenage self was uneasy with my mom adjusting the straps to make the experience comfortable. A bra never felt normal to me. I only wore one because it was a societal rule. As the years passed by, wearing a bra felt suffocating no matter how many times I adjusted the straps. It was a constant nightmare until November 2016.
Some men participate in a challenge called “no shave November.” Men grow out their beard for the entire month. After reading an article from Cosmopolitan about a recent study on bras, I decided to try my own experiment; “no bra November.”  That’s right, I went free boobing, and I can say it was the best choice I have made for myself. Here are five things I learned from ditching the cup holders.


How good does it feel to take off your bra at the end of the day? You take a deep breath and go, “Yes!” Imagine having that feeling for the entire day! Freedom is what I experience when my breasts are not suffocating in lace, satin, silk, or underwire. Not only are my breasts free to move, but my shoulders, neck, and back have nothing caging them in either.

Boost of Self Esteem 

During the first few days of the “no bra November” challenge, I was self conscious of my body. Would people notice that I was not wearing support? What would they think? I had to constantly remind myself that I was doing this for me. Yes, my boobs jiggled as I walked or ran, and there were moments I crossed my arms to control the girls from springing out. Eventually, I learned to walk at a pace that was not painful and my self esteem gained a boost in beating a status quo targeted towards women. I felt my own personal sexy emerge. It’s empowering to

All My Shirts Started To Fit Differently

One of the downsides of being braless was how my tops fit differently, while wearing my B-cup bra, my t-shirts fit rather snuggly. Without one, it felt like a gap has created by opening a window and letting a cold draft of air blow in. Button down blouses did not highlight my curves as much. Let me not even get into the struggle of wearing thin materials. Tight clothing and thick fabric were my best friend, as they fit perfectly and my breasts didn’t jiggle as much. Adding a cardigan or sweatshirt over it alleviated the stress of loose- fitted clothing. Utilizing layers made the experiment easier.

No Upper Body Pain 

When I wore a bra, my entire upper body would be sore, and adjusting the straps never helped. During “no bra November,” there were no signs of pain or discomfort. I could breathe a lot easier without the cups or wire digging into my skin. My neck wasn’t sore and my shoulders were free from bra strap imprints. The pain in my back was nonexistent.

No Worries About Bra Problems

I remember those stressful days when one of the straps popped loose or the wire impaled me at random. Ouch! Life sucks when your bra decides to attack you. Since I rid myself of the assailant, I did not have to worry about any of those bra malfunctions. I have also saved money on buying new bras.
Every woman is different. We come in all shapes and sizes, and that can factor in whether not going braless is the best choice for you. Other options could be more comforting like wireless bras, sports bras, or even nipple stickers. I know during the summer the no bra challenge will need some adjustments (pun intended), but since November, I have not gone back. Does this sound like something you would try out?



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