Depression is a dark and terrible problem for millions of people. It’s been discussed on here before, but today I wanted to take a different look at things. Today, I want to focus on some tips and advice I have that can help anyone feeling depressed. These aren’t going to be mind blowing words of wisdom, but they will help you a lot. Sometimes, all it takes is the smallest action to help you cope with something. Have a read of my advice down below, and hopefully, it will provide you with some assistance if you’re going through a tough time. 

Drugs & Alcohol Are Never The Answer

A lot of people turn to drugs and alcohol when they’re depressed. It’s seen as a means of comfort by many. They drink and take drugs to try and mask the pain. The feeling of being drunk and high makes you forget about all your problems and it feels like the depression fades away. The trouble is, there will be a time when you sober up. And then, all the feelings return and they’re even worse now because you experienced a few hours of peace and freedom. So what do you do? You keep drinking and doing drugs as often as you can. You end up becoming addicted. Now, you’re fighting a mental battle on two fronts. You’ve got your depression and your addiction. I urge anyone that’s depressed to stay clear of drugs and alcohol. For those that may already fear they’re slipping into an addictive state, get help! There are treatment centres like Sanford House that provide help to addicts. These places can give you counselling and help with your addiction and your depression. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Your Depression

One major problem with depression and other mental illnesses is that no one feels comfortable talking about them. If you’re depressed, you feel too embarrassed or worried to admit it. You don’t want people looking at you differently because you have a mental illness. There’s always been a sort of taboo surrounding this subject and it’s a real issue. This is why you rarely find out someone has an illness like depression because they keep it bottled up inside. If you are suffering from depression, please don’t be afraid to talk about it. A lot of the time, keeping it bottled up is what’s hurting you the most. No one will judge you for being depressed, no one. The only thing they’ll do is help you and do what they can to make you feel better. Confide in family and friends, tell them you have a problem. Then, they can help you get professional help and guidance. If you want, talk to a psychiatrist too. It’s good to be able to talk about things and release all your feelings into the world. 

I know it’s only two tips, but I find them to be very useful. Don’t look for comfort in things like alcohol and drugs. And don’t close yourself off from the world and hide from your problems, no matter how much you want to. Use these two bits of advice and, hopefully, you’ll find it easier to deal with your situation.