Palpitations of the heart

 By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

My heart
Beat swiftly
When you first entered the room. “Don’t,” I whispered -
But, still I dared to look at you,
You smiled
Oh no.

My heart
Beat quickly
The day you sat next to me,
I felt your gaze
It made it hard to breathe,
You made it hard to breathe.

My heart
Flooded with-
Joy. Why would you like me?
“I’m nothing special.”
“You’re special to me,”
Your lips left a lasting imprint.

My heart
Jolted, confused,
When you started to drift away,
Don’t go-
You promised we were infinite,
Promises are made to be broken.

My heart
Grieved, knowing
It was over,
With a shrug, you moved on
I shut my eyes. Longing to fade into nothingness,
I couldn’t.

My heart
Seethed with
Quiet rage, when she smiled,
A pretty smile. It made it hard to hate her,
God, I wished I could hate her.

My heart
Jumped when
You brushed past me, tingles rushing up my spine,
Did you want me?
What a disappointment.
You just needed to get someplace else, wherever she was-

My heart
Deflated to
The pit of my stomach. It was truly over.
But slowly, it inched back up.
I realized,
I didn’t need you. What a new feeling of –
My heart
Now, feels for

The other girl
With the pretty smile– in tears,
Maybe I’ll go comfort her,

Heal a broken heart, like my own.



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