Volunteering and its Beneficial Effects on Culture

It’s a brand-new year and it’s time to try new things, therefore I am volunteering my time through photography, video and other ways this year. Last year I volunteered at the A rt of Brooklyn film festival, as a part of the guest relation team. This was far from my current job as a video editor but I wanted to learn new skills and it was a great way to make connections with other film editors and directors.
My volunteer experience as guest relation at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival was great because I have never volunteered for a film festival. I learned how to assist audience members to the correct screening, set up screenings with working microphones on tables and taking care of the finance for the tickets. These skills were not only great to learn but it was also transferable to my current job that made me feel better about my current employment. I have recommended volunteering to people I know who are graduating from college but has not found a job or who are underemployed and have free time.  Volunteering gives you transferable skills that you can add to your resume and its something you could for your free time.
My other volunteer experience was at The Bicycle Film Festival also as a guest relation member. My experience from The Art of Brooklyn Film festival helped me understand what’s expected from me as a member of the guest relation team, so I was not nervous.  The location was at a small theatre located in lower Manhattan, which I was not familiar with. The team was small; there was one coordinator, two members of the press and the creator of the festival. Including me there were three other volunteers whom all had different roles to make the festival go smooth. The theatre was crowded and people were anxious about the long wait for their tickets. I was in charge of ticketing and I was worried about the crowd of people. I didn’t want to mess up so I took my time and directed everyone to the screening while at the same time giving them their correct change back. This experience helped me see the process of creating a film festival with a small team and how to deal with the stress of a big crowd.
Currently, I am looking at volunteering opportunities that furthers me into my goal of working as a video editor in documentary films. I look for film festivals and photography opportunities because I want to build a relationship with people that will later act as my mentor.  In the field of digital media, it is about whom you know and not what you know. I have networked with various people through these opportunities and I felt better in my professional life.
If you want to volunteer I suggest volunteering at places that you are interested in and not just something to do. Volunteering should help your professional life and stay focus on what you want to do long-term.



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