The culture of code

By: Jasmine Cordero

I recently started to learn how to code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. As a video editor my career is always changing, from knowing different editing software to publishing videos on the web. Many companies are looking for editors whom can do everything. So coding is something that I had to learn to keep up with the demand of many companies.
The culture of coding is something I recently discovered. My job prospect as a video editor was looking a little bleak because companies were looking for a video editor with a skill set in web development. I didn’t know what web development was and I spoke to my co-worker about it. She mentioned that the job prospect on Web Development is rising and it is a great skill to learn. She told me about a group named “Girl Develop It” on that had women of all different levels of coding work on projects together. I was nervous about it because I didn’t want to feel intimidated by everyone else knowing how to code better than me. However, I learned as much as I could in a week and I went to the Meetup and met other women whom were happy to help me with my questions.
These women worked on various things such as a dating app for people looking to date other men or women whom are new to New York City.  Another women wanted to create a portfolio full of websites to help her find a job within web development.  These women inspired me; they choose to go into a career field that barely hires women but they still take time out of their day to code.  I went home that day and searched around for more classes and kept in touch with everyone.
The culture of coding is becoming popular.  President Obama has recently announced to supply funding for computer science within high schools.  Another Politian has also supplied money for computer science in schools. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has supplied new computers to high schools that want to teach their students how to code. When Politian’s are serious about putting money to schools then this means something is working. Coding is a great skill to learn   because it is not easy. It teaches you how to pay attention to detail and analytical skills. 
I have been to HTML & CSS classes that had people of different age and gender. I learned that building a website is more than just HTML & CSS but it also is about creating videos, working on Photoshop and illustrator. I already have a background in graphic design and digital media so creating websites is easier because I have experience with design. My experience with coding has been great I have learned the positive side of it within the job market because there are companies looking for developers. I also know of the negative side is that most web developers are men and it is hard for women, especially women of color to get hired as a web developer.



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