Editor's Note for December


I would've never imagined how much encouragement we have amassed over the past month. We have managed to achieve more than 1,000 readers, a number way more than I would've ever imagined.

The encouragement I have received from you all is so overwhelming, and I am forever grateful for all your support. Awoken Magazine has collected over a team of 10 diverse, established and talented writers. We are always looking for many more ideas and articles, and we welcome any article and any writer who would like to join our team!

This is a short notice that Awoken Magazine, is planning to take a break over winter/Christmas break, as our team would love to relax with their families and unwind before exams. It has not been confirmed yet, but we will let you know as time goes on! Plenty of articles will still be published in the new year, so don't you worry!

In other news, there has also been a reoccurring problem with the slider on our page involving the "keep reading" button- We are working hard on resolving this problem and are very sorry for any inconvenience. 

Anyways to conclude, thank you everyone, for helping to make my vision come true! The first month of "Awoken Magazine" has been such an inspiration and a success, and I wish for many more happy months to come! Happy reading!

Ashwini Selvakumaran,
Founder and Chief Editor, Of Awoken Magazine.



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