Amazing Cultural Opportunities To Consider In 2017

Are you considering some significant changes in the coming year? And no, not just the usual resolutions about quitting burgers and soda.

A really big change might be on the cards if you’ve had a bad year. If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, next year could be the start of your fortunes changing for the better.

It’s time to go on an adventure in 2017 to boost your career prospects, or even to just have a better year! 

Volunteering is a great way to give back, but you shouldn’t do it just to make yourself feel good. Volunteering can help those less fortunate than yourself and allow you to not only build skills, but find ways to use the skills you have already learned thus far. Not only that, but volunteering can take you from a mental health workshop in your city, to disaster relief in Asia. It all depends on what you can bring to the table. 

It’s not just about working for free either. A career in healthcare could be the change you need in the coming year. Working as a nurse or midwife, or even a support worker can enable you to act on your caring instincts, give back, and earn money. Not only that, but it’s a great and respectable career path that can open up the world to you. It will involve some training, but the new year is approaching, and that is a great milestone to take the leap!

If you’re an animal lover, Africa is calling. The continent has been savaged by centuries of disrespect in multiple areas. Travel has its many benefits, but the chance to care for endangered animals in Africa is an opportunity you may not want to miss. There are many options for the budding vet, including helping to save rhino and elephants. It’s a pretty out-there opportunity, but if you are looking for a fresh start, you should think about it, even if your future career isn’t in animal care, the chance to look after animals could change your life or career prospects.

It may be further afield than Africa, and the opportunity may not be as unique as caring for endangered species, but you shouldn’t dismiss the chance to have a working holiday in Australia. You’ll get to meet lots of new people, learn new skills and come back with a refreshed approach and mentality. You might even launch into a new career when you come back. Plus, what’s better than being paid on holiday? Not much.

If you’re considering a big change, it’s important that you do it for the right reasons and conduct your research before you take the leap. It shouldn’t be a jump into the unknown! Know where you are going and know your plan before you head off, and you’ll come back changed and ready to kick-start your life. If 2016 dragged you down into the dumps, maybe 2017 can get you back to where you and your career belong?



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