Breaking Beauty Standards

By: Layla Taria

Muslim beauty blogger Nusra Afia could not have been more pleased to be the first hijab-wearing Ambassador for Covergirl. Although she is a popular beauty vlogger, what sets her apart from other vloggers known for their makeup tutorials is that she is always wearing her hijab in her videos.
Afia, who has over 200,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, describes her life-changing experience as "so surreal." She says that she "never thought [she] would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale." She admits that she was initially insecure about wearing a hijab, especially while she was growing up.
However, what Afia doesn’t know is the immense amount of diversity she has brought to the fashion and beauty industry. Furthermore, not only is she making history, but she is also changing the stereotypical preconceived notions of beauty. Afia, and excellent role model and example of bravery, has shown and proven to young Muslim girls that one can still be successful, and wearing a hijab is most certainly not an impediment in one’s beauty career. 
Afia is getting all the attention she deserves for her candidness, and her courage to grow and show ha the talent is not tainted by the fact that she wears a hijab. She is now a member of CoverGirl's #Lash Equality campaign, which emphasizes inclusivity within beauty and celebrates the launch of the brand's So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara that is designed to suit all eyelash types. Moreover, her makeup skills will also be featured on a giant billboard in Times Square in New York City.
This empowering message is one that needs to be advocated for. Women and girls should know that they have the same potential for success and that they can do what they love if they put their minds to it. 
Afia’s lead is changing the game in world where many beauty ads still portray a stereotypical definition of what is deemed beautiful, and this woman has shown us the true beauty that lies within us all- regardless of our religious background. She has reminded us that it is essential that brands like CoverGirl continue to represent and include women of all types, because they have revolutionized the concept of what it means to be beautiful.



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