A Change for the World

by Kelsey Oltmanns

I often sit at home and watch the news on television and see the horror of the world we live in. There’s never any form of positivity, just negative thoughts, ideas and feelings that takes over the screens. I often sit and wonder to myself, How can I change? What can I do to help the world?
Trying to help isn’t the hard part; the hard part is truly finding the proper key to hold in place to unlock that door. For two individuals, they have been able to accomplish that, and so much more. They started their own clothing company called Serengetee, which combines fabric from around the world and simple T-shirts to create something worthwhile. These two people make pockets on the basic shirts and send 10% of the profit to an important charity. For example, one fabric form the United States is black with small American flags. This fabric not only represents America, but the soldiers who have given their lives and need the support from the country. 
I first heard about this company about two years ago from a coworker and about the amazing things this company has been able to accomplish. I sat back and thought, Wow, these people, not much older than me, have been able to make that one change. Now, after those few years have passed, I can gladly say that I am representing their company on my school campus and the surrounding area. 
I’m just a simple business major hoping to help the world. I enjoy telling people about the different fabrics from Asia and Europe; Central and South America and so many other places. Many are always unsure about the shirts and their quality, but let me tell you they are flawless. They are the softest piece of clothing I have ever owned. They not only make shirts, but they also make headwear, backpacks, cross body purses, and so much more. 
I’m proud to say that I can be a part of this amazing company. I get to see people walk around in their Serengetee gear and tell me that they have helped a country in need. At such a young age, I have finally been able to accomplish one of my dreams and that’s helping the world. It’s just a small step, but if we all can take that one step, then maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be so much hatred that surrounds the world. If not for us, then who's going to do it?

For more information about Serengetee, please go to www.serengetee.com and use my 15% code: oltmanns15.