Love letter to "Mr Poetry"

by Marilyn Moy

Dear Mr. Poetry,                               a sunny day in the year no one cares about
You have a very classy last name
it tickles my nose
some days I never see you
because my brain is
preoccupied with Mrs. Academics and Mr. Social Entertainment
and who could forget Daydream
who lets
my troubles
But anyways,
back to you.
Some days I get into the mood
And see and feel your blood in my veins
BTW I don’t mean this in a sexual way
it’s all figurative language anyway
You make me laugh
when I mold you
chiseling at your inner character
until I am fully satisfied
Mr. Poetry,
are the personification of creativity flowing from your fingertips
the paragon of profuse imagination.
Stay golden.
                                                                         Sincerely Yours,
                                                                         Ms. Author



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