How to build a professional outfit 101

All picture credits// Alexia Rebing

By: Alexia Rebing

I've come to realize that since I don't have a 9 to 5 job yet, I really don't own many office appropriate clothes. Because of that I've decided to put together a list of essentials that you need to start shopping for in order to build a professional wardrobe to be ready for job/internship interviews, an actual job, etc.

First of all you need to realize that wearing a professional outfit doesn't mean that you have to look identical every single day in a white shirt, dress pants and a blazer, of course not. However, you need to know that every work environment is different and every office has a different meaning to what's appropriate or not to wear. So, if you're just starting out at a new job or internship, make sure you play it safe the first couple of times so that you can see what other people are wearing and you know what you can and cannot wear. 

So what are the basics or essentials to a professional outfit? Let's take what I'm wearing as an example.

White shirt, black blazer, black pants, a scarf and black booties. You really can't go wrong with this outfit at all. What you need to do is start shopping for classic pieces that you can mix and match with a lot of things and that you can dress either up or down. At first I was going to wear this outfit with nude pumps, however, I decided to dress it down a little with the booties because I was attending a not-so-formal work event.  So, this would be "dressed down", but it still looks like a work appropriate, professional outfit to me, don't you think? Like I said, it all depends on the environment and of course, on the occassion

Another twist I gave to this outfit was wearing a shirt that was longer in the back. I don't usually like shirts to show like this under a blazer/jacket/sweater but I thought it looked pretty cool this time, so I just let it be. 

If you end up wearing an outfit that you think it's too boring for your fashionista inside, remember to accessorize! Accessories can do so much for a look. The scarf I'm wearing is pretty cool and you can wear it in so many ways, for this time I went for a tie-looking kind of thing. 

 You're probably thinking: So what do I need to buy next time I go shopping? 

Here's a list of my suggestions! 

White button down (it doesn't have to be long sleeved at all!)
Pencil Skirts
Colorful (and neutral) blazers
Dress Pants (cute ones though! Like these)
Blouses (prefferably in neutral colors like these)
Nude and black pumps


Remember, you can totally start building professional outfits to start your grown up wardrobe next time you go out shopping. It's never to eartly to start! And I can guarantee that if you start buying these little basics you won't stress over the next time you have to wear a professional outfit. 

What do you usually like to wear for occassions like these? Let me know all about it! 



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