How Italy can help Refugees and how Refugees can help Italy

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By: Anjali Patel

There are currently countless refugees wandering the planet searching for stable, perhaps, nonexistent environments, to safely raise their children and permanently settle in. Italy has the potential to become a place where refugees are able to not only survive but also live successfully. Though many nations including Italy have been allowing refugees to live on their soil, it is ideal that all countries offer living space for refugees. Many arguments regarding safety, overpopulation, and inadequate resource availability arose after the proposition. Individuals tend to forget that refugees are just people like us, trying to survive in a world of terror. Others should at least offer whatever they are able to , in order to provide  help to their fellow citizens. Within this knot of devastation, Italy has the potential to offer a positive light for both its inhabitants and refugees.

According to The Guardian, Italy’s population is gradually decreasing. The ratio  of the elder generation to the younger generation, is significantly larger than that of the younger people. In order to ensure Italy thrives in the future, the nation is in need of a young, reliable, and innovative population. Allowing young refugees to enter the country and become citizens can serve a dual purpose by helping Italy grow economically and help families obtain a sustainable way of living. Access to education can establish stability for the upcoming generations. Offering education to  children will help rope  Italy back on a path to achieve long term growth. By following these examples, Italy’s economy will be able to prosper,  and successfully compete within the world market. On the other hand, refugees are also getting the assistance and resources that they deserve. Regardless of the benefits refugees can bring, a nation’s primary goal should be to help those fleeing their homelands for the betterment and survival of humanity.

One of the ways refugees can become self sustainable and help Italy’s economy is by introducing their culture through small businesses. Making and selling traditional art and clothing along with opening up restaurants with authentic food are just some of the ways refugees can provide for their families. Allowing refugees will also increase the diversity of Italy. Over time, Italian culture and food will intertwine with the various cultures and customs of the refugees. As people come together mixing traditions of culinary practices, architecture, and anything that falls within the realm of the arts, an enriched culture will emerge. This will naturally occur throughout the years. Cultural infusion can also lead to the development of new technologies as more innovative ideas are born. This will help Italy progress and also help future refugee descendants thrive.

Luckily, Italy has taken the initiative to house refugees. According to the Los Angeles Times, Italy allowed for the entrance of 110,000 refugees throughout most of 2015. Numbers may have increased. Hopefully, Italy will continue to accept refugees onto its land as it will benefit thousands of lives. Italian citizens must strongly recognize the struggle refugees have been enduring and how Italians can help them. Most refugees are more than willing to build a stable future and receive an education. Italians must also recognize how refugees can help them in order to build a productive and safe future for all.

Altogether, Italians and refugees can gain from each other. However, the full potential must be recognized from both sides in order to acquire the largest outcome.



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