Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali,

You are Bold and confident
Even your stride knows
As you climb onto the ring, the crowd welcomes you with
Discouragement that tries to weigh down those fearlessly squared shoulders.

They expect you to deject, withdraw all sullen and deflated,
But don't let them forget that your presence
Is invigorating and vivid and alive
In spite of wearing a coat of hate-filled stares.

A life of punches and blows to the head
Each jab for a colored child
And each insult taken to the face,
For the boys and girls who wished their skin was just a bit more mild.

A man who had once shaken the world with his energy
His passion. And his enthusiasm.
Had now fallen silent.
But even this was enough to make the world
In despair for the world’s greatest man.

May you, Muhammad Ali, rest in peace,
Because it was you who taught the world to
Float like a butterfly
And sting like a bee.

Muneeza Sheikh (2016)



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