Suchi Botanicals: Your new beauty fix!

By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

There's a new company in town, that'll have you gasping in delight. If you live in Canada- you're in luck! Suchi Botanicals has just made their debut!

The Brampton-based company was founded by Sudha Paraman, with assistance from her friends and family. I recently got the chance to sit down with this wonderful woman. When asked about her company she just lit up with joy.

Sudha's main goal is for people to realize the benefits of natural, wholesome, ingredients, otherwise known as "grandma's secret to glowing skin." After experimenting and testing in her lab, Sudha found a whole range of products specifically suited and tailored to all different types of needs, from oily skin to dry, from fine hair to thick, and much more. When she started getting approached by others, she knew she had to extend this line to the rest of the community.

When I got the firsthand opportunity to sample some of Suchi Botanicals' "Teen Range" products, I was nothing less than pleased. Below, I have included a review of my three utmost favorite products, and my new daily go-to's. Check them out!

Suchi Botanicals'Teen Night Cream”:

Growing up with oily skin, it was tough to find a soothing night cream to apply, that wouldn’t result in breakouts in the morning. The teen night cream from Suchi Botanicals however, has become my saving grace, and a daily factor in my night regime. It’s a very soft cream, perfect for irritable skin like mine. I gently rub it into my skin after cleansing, and give it a thorough pat before I go to bed. This cream simply works wonders; it takes away the redness of your skin, and leaves it looking silky and bright for the next day. It reduces the size and redness of any pimples, and it’s simply amazing, especially for oily skin! I highly recommend this cream, as it replenishes the skin and greets you with that stunning morning glow when you wake up.

Suchi Botanicals'Anti-Zits roll-on stick”:

Acne, acne, acne. A teen’s worst nightmare. I have tried every trick in the book ranging from reducing the size of a pimple, to getting rid of it completely, and let me tell you; the anti-zits roll-on stick is no joke at combatting pimples! I use this stick regularly; usually in the morning I’ll roll it on a few pimples and any red spots I see. This stick is fantastic, as it reduces pimples quickly and gets rid of redness within one day. This is definitely my favorite product from Suchi Botanicals, and works perfectly from oily to dry skin.

Suchi Botanicals'Teen toner”:

I had never heard of a toner until recently, when strolling the isles of the Superstore picking out daily skincare products. I was looking forward to try Suchi Botanical’s “Teen toner” given the success I had found with their other teen products, and this one did not fail to pass the test. I used the toner cohesively with my normal cleanser, and found it very versatile; you can use it together with almost any skincare product. It brought tremendous relief to my tired skin, especially in the morning. A quick dab of the toner, and I could feel my skin already thanking me. Asides from relief, when using the toner, I noticed a slow disappearance of my acne within two to three weeks. The “Teen toner” is a great product, and definitely one that I’d recommend.

To conclude, Suchi Botanicals is a great line of all natural skincare and hair products, founded by an amazing woman with the help of her wonderful friends and family. Go ahead and check out and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!



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