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PryaDerm Rejuvenating Facial Mist Review
By: Katanya Phillips 
I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I’m obsessed with all things organic and natural. While I might not be the fittest person, I do make sure that we eat organic, avoid gluten, and overall stay away from any unpronounceable items in the ingredient list. I am also trying to implement a few relaxation techniques throughout the week, such as getting regular massages and relaxing on my acupressure mat. However, what I take even more seriously than the “USDA Organic” stamp on my meals is my skincare products.
Ever since I had a major breakout incident, I’ve been trying to stay away from anything unnatural and so, I precisely analyze the ingredient list of any product that I put on my face (except makeup, as I haven’t been able to find anything that works as well as some of my favorite brands. If you have any suggestions for products, please let me know in the comments!). One of the biggest lessons I learned during my extensive research is that brands list the most powerful ingredients in the product at the beginning of the list, moving towards less active ones. So if you see a mineral oil and sodium laureth sulfate among the first five ingredients, you know that you’re about to put a whole periodic table of chemicals on your skin.
PryaDerm Renewal System Review
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My recent obsession with all-natural and preferably herb and oil-based products brought some noticeable results and I’m not planning on switching to mass-market skincare brands anytime soon. Yes, I might use the most unnatural toxin (Botox) to freeze my wrinkles, but I take care of the quality of my skin with the best botanical products on the market.
Today, I’m collaborating with The Chopra Center to share my review of one of my newly discovered favorite brands, PryaDerm Skin Care. PryaDerm is a line of all-natural products that uses rejuvenating ayurvedic herbs and provides your skin with anti-aging care—during the day and throughout the night.
Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that despite the fact that the line is called “ayurvedic,” it’s not necessarily designed exclusively for yogis or spiritually conscious people. (In fact, I can’t even recall the last time I practiced my Downward-facing Dog). Maybe it’s just my consumeristic approach, but I like thinking about this whole Ayurveda thing as being a system that combines traditional skin care formulations with modern-day practices. As a result, here comes your all-natural product line that doesn’t just call itself “botanical,” but actually delivers results you wouldn’t believe are possible to achieve with the help of pure herbs.
This is a double-duty product that you can use as a toner (by applying the product to a cotton pad and wiping your face) and as a facial mist. The latest way is my favorite, especially when I’m working at home and not wearing makeup all day long. I prefer thinking of this product as an upgraded version of thermal water, but one that provides more skincare benefits—thanks to organic aloe extract and Salvia Officinalis, an essential oil that supports blood circulation and brings a healthy glow to your skin.
Pros: Delivers essential nutrients to your skin in a very convenient way. You don’t even need to wash your hands or clean your skin before applying it! Simply spray the mist on your face and there’s your “thermal water” loaded with rejuvenating ingredients.
Cons: I can’t stop using it! So I guess the main con is that it’s addictive!
PryaDerm Brightening Day Lotion review
I haven’t used this lotion long enough to comment on how it changed my skin in the long run, but I feel that my skin is loving this product. Usually, I apply this lotion right after rinsing my face, on top of a facial oil I’m using that day. Since this lotion doesn’t contain SPF (and I’m obsessed with keeping my skin freckles-free), I make sure to apply a BB-Cream, CC-Cream, or a foundation with SPF when I use this moisturizer. To be honest, I was always skeptical about facial lotions that go without SPF because I thought that those items forced me to layer too many skin care products on my face. Then, I did some research and learned that I don’t really need both moisturizer and a foundation to contain SPF. So I stopped freaking out and just started trusting my SPF 50+ CC-Cream by ItCosmetics for sun-protecting purposes and let PryaDerm Brightening Day Lotion handle my skin care needs.
Pros: Applies smoothly, smells great, and deeply moisturizes my skin!
Cons: Since it doesn’t contain SPF, I need to apply an SPF-infused foundation or an SPF spray at all times.
PryaDerm Rejuvenating Night Creme Review
This is a heavier version of the day lotion (see above) that deeply rejuvenates and regenerates skin while you sleep. Sometimes I love applying this lotion during the day too. As it features a bit thicker consistency, I feel that it’s more suitable for my skin when the weather is colder or when my skin feels extra dry.
Pros: Nourishes your skin while you sleep!
Cons: The packaging is half the size of a day moisturizer (2 fl. oz.).
PryaDerm Hand Salve Review
I guess I’m a beauty rebel, because I never used this hand moisturizer as prescribed. Since it comes in a pretty metal jar and has an ultra-thin but super-moisturizing consistency, I prefer using it as…a lip balm! Trust me, it tastes exactly as you expect an organic herb-based lip product to taste. Also, since this product contains a mix of safflower and jojoba oils, it provides the level of moisturizing you need in a perfect lip balm and also brings a bit of a shine to your lips. I really love the packaging of this cream and try to have it on at all times.
Pros: Beautifully packaged moisturizing multitasker that you should always have on you!
Cons: For my taste, a bit too thin for a hand lotion, as I prefer hand moisturizers with the consistency of a body butter.
PryaDerm Rejuvenating Cleansing Mousse
One of the things I learned while experimenting with all-natural skin care practices is that I’ve been over-washing my skin. Until recently, I used a mild cleanser in the morning followed by an exfoliating cleanser at night. Apparently, both products contained tons of detergents and thus over-dried my skin. These days, I simply rinse off my face with water in the morning and clean up my skin with PryaDerm Cleansing Mousse at night. This product is based on organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (it’s a fancy name for aloe vera), a desert cactus whose leaves contain a clear gel known for its healing purposes. The mousse also contains organic Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, which soothes skin, and Hydrolyzed Algin, a conditioning element derived from Algae and Seaweed that helps to reduce skin irritation. The best thing about this product is that it comes in a foamy form that ensures you’re washing your face in the gentlest way possible.
Pros: It gently cleanses skin, effortlessly removes makeup, and smells amazing!
Cons: None. It’s simply perfect!



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