By: Charlie Wells
I put in an order off Nordstrom a while ago and among that I purchased a few lipsticks from MAC. Believe it or not these are my absolute first lipsticks ever from MAC. I don’t know why but they haven’t been very appealing to me, MAC hasn’t overall been a very appealing brand to me but now I decided to give it a go. I did however purchase the Fix+ a while ago, but I have barely used it. Do you own any MAC Lipsticks? If so, which color is your favorite? After trying them I would love some more to my collection.
I ordered a total of 6 lipsticks, they are $17 each. From left to right; Gossamer Wing, Midsummer Night, A Sprinkle Of Magic, Among The Fireflies, Kinda Sexy and Velvet Teddy. The Gossamer Wing gives a really nice sheen that i will put on top in the middle to plump the lips a little – great tips!