Love or Money?

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By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

Of course, a decent salary should be enough to compensate for basic needs. But even if one makes so much money, yet despises their job; what good can come out from that? Therefore, I believe it is more important to seek happiness over money.
Family, personal, and societal pressures, and financial reality can make this choice difficult, because sometimes these things try to force us into a different career path, than the one we truly love.
The job market can affect career choices in a variety of ways. What looks good today may become stagnant tomorrow. Career paths open and close, too. Job markets change. Industries expand and contract, rise and fall. Predicting the job market's moods and moves is often difficult due to the state of the economy.
Take Richie Mehta for example. Richie Mehta was on the path to becoming a doctor, when he realized that he was more drawn to the arts. He was drawn to filmmaking, but had no idea how to make a career over it. Mehta worried that a career in the arts, would be less noble than a career in medicine. However, he found himself lacking the passion for sciences, instead it filled him with fear. Finally taking a stand, he turned to filmmaking for good. I think Mehta would define success as achieving what makes you happy; because he truly attained bliss when he turned to his love of filmmaking.
Turn to Darly Ching. Darly Ching is a financial analyst, who crunches numbers and spend hours at his job. He can’t plan vacations in advance, neither keep family commitments. However, he believes that compensation is a top priority, and that we all have to make sacrifices for our job. I think Darly Ching would define success as getting highly compensated, because although he likes his job, he values compensation over happiness.
And let us close off with Lina Dhingra. Lina Dhingra first enrolled herself in Law school, shocking her parents at the time they wanted her to get married. Further surprising her parents, Lina took a trip to India collecting colorful fabrics along the way. Lina has had many jobs, including work as a CEO and opening her own fashion company. However, those were accompanied with failures like the closing down of “SARS” (her boutique). She has finally found success in a small yet successful event planning business. Lina would define success probably as never giving up, even throughout all the trial and error, because once you find the thing that makes you happy much like Lina, you’ll be satisfied.

Regardless of our career choices, no one will find ultimate happiness in their job career. However, it is important to choose a job wisely. Though a particular career may produce more money, it is important to find a career that will instill a sense of happiness, and security in our life. Happiness is one of the most basic pursuits of humans. It drives many of us in our personal lives but often takes a back seat at work. This needs to change when we choose our careers, as we must value happiness as well as salary, to reach new levels of success.



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