How to make the most out of your life

Second semester is coming up , and that’s usually the time when everyone tries to get their stuff together again (New Years resolutions….).  It’s a New Year’s resolution for almost everyone to try to stay on top of balancing: school, social life, hobbies, and then having free time for doing whatever else (if there even is free time).  Here are a few tips on how to balance school, social life, hobbies, and all that- in the new year
    1. Prioritize
-Always  do what’s most important first, or what you need to do based on time constraints. Having a mental note of your priorities really helps when having to decide between things you need to do, and which you should do first.  Prioritizing is probably the biggest tip for managing (school, social life, and hobbies) in the new year.
            2. Buy a Planner (but really)
-I can’t tell you how many times writing stuff that’s due in my planner has saved me from forgetting.  I used to not have to use a planner, but I found that having somewhere I can write down everything I have to do all in one place, is really a life-saver sometimes.
               3.) Use Free Time Wisely
-Use your free time for the right things.  Whatever that is on the top of your priority list, is what you should choose to do first.  If you need to study for that test coming up, you should do that.  If you need to just have some down time, then do that (your brain needs a break sometimes too). If you feel like you need to practice for that game coming up…and etc. then do that.
    4.) Choose What You Should Cut-Out (If Needed)
-When you have to cut-out some things in your life because you just don’t have time for it all, make sure to pick based off of your priorities & what you absolutely have to keep doing and love doing. Make sure you know when your “plate” is too full, and when it’s time to drop something.
   5.) Take Breaks (& Actually Exercise)
-If you have to study for something, make sure to break it up into shorter intervals.  Try going for a run, or doing something more active in between the short study breaks to keep focused (+ better productivity).
              6.) Always Make Time
If something is really important to you, make sure to make time for it.  Whether it be: getting good grades, a hobby you have, playing your sport, hanging out with friends and family, relaxing, or any other thing you really enjoy- make sure to leave time to actually enjoy the little things too.
         7.) Treat Your Self (sometimes)
-If you just had an exhausting week and spent it working on something big you’ve finally accomplished, treat your self! (not ALL of the time- but every once in awhile it’s good to do).
                 8.) Mental Health
– You do want to try to balance everything you possibly can, but not at the cost of your mental health (don’t make yourself crazy). This tip also goes along with getting enough sleep. Make sure to try to get the sufficient amount of sleep you need to not feel completely wrecked the next day.  Without sleep you won’t be able to do much the next day (and you’ll feel pretty horrible)- so it’s not good either way you look at it.
      9.) Social Life During the Week
Plan a time to meet friends to do something fun during the week, even if it’s meeting for coffee and a study-date, or meeting your friends for dinner.  This can be a good incentive to get your work done, and then plus you get to go out with your friends after you get something done.
                 10.) Multi-Task
Sometimes multi-tasking can help to be able to “manage it all”.   While you are on the way to doing something fun, you can be getting things done on: plane rides, car rides, or waiting in line. I use this tip a lot when I travel, since the plane rides are usually on the longer side- I usually try to work on stuff I need to get done on the plane so I can enjoy the trip more.
11.) Plan it, Then Do it
-A big tip for managing everything on your plate in the new year, is to plan ahead and actually make sure you execute your plan and make enough time to do what you need to do.  For example, have a certain time you need to study, but then actually study during that time and try to be as productive you can.  You’ll be really thankful you were productive in the time when you were supposed to do something, so you can go on to doing other things.
        This is definitely not me saying I have  it all figured out on how to balance social life, school, hobbies and whatever else, but these are definitely tips that I have found to be true and helpful throughout the year.

-Macy Jenley



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