Geek Makeup Review!


L-F: Bitten, Cocoa Bear and Creme Brulee

As soon as I found out that Beauty Bay were stocking Make Up Geek and Z Palettes I went straight ahead and made an order. These products are raved about by instagrammers and bloggers and after reading so many great reviews for so long, I am so happy they are available for UK purchase. Make Up Geek have three types of eyeshadows available for purchase on Beauty Bay; 'eyeshadow pans' (£4.95), 'duochrome eyeshadow pans' (£4.95) and 'foiled eyeshadow pans.' (£7.95) I chose to start off my collection with a few from the 'eyeshadow pan' section. 
I pondered over shades of eyeshadows on the site for ages before I made my decision on three to start off my collection and fill my Z Palette with. I chose 'Bitten', 'Cocoa Bear' and 'Creme Brulee' all shades that I think suit my eye colour best, and all great for creating a natural or more heavy eye look. 
I am so impressed with how pigmented these are (unfortunately the image above doesn't pick up the colour that well), the colour pay off is super, but also really easy to blend and build up. All three shades I picked are matte, 'Bitten' although a matte shade, feels so creamy you would not think it was a matte eyeshadow, it is a deep purple, burgundy shade, the more pigmented of the three in my opinion. 'Cocoa Bear' is my favourite, it is a warm red toned brown and I think it is complimentary for every eye colour. 'Creme Brulee' is a neutral shade but does have warmth to it, I like using it as a transitional or outer corner colour, but I also think it looks lovely on its own.


Laura Elizabeth



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