Editor's Note for February

Superbowl Sunday is here, and so is Awoken Magazine!

After taking a one month break, we've managed to clear our feed for the spread of new ideas. 2016 is a year of revitalization for us, and we hope to gain more insight on the things that matter most.

We've lost some writers, but gained new ones, and we welcome them all to the Awoken Magazine fam! Let 2016 be a great year of discovery for us.

The break has provided some much needed relief to all our writer's. Now that exams, are finally over, you all can look forward to our regular posting schedule. I've received some frantic emails asking if Awoken was going to take a permanent hiatus, do not worry! We're here to stay.

This month's note is quite brief, but we hope you will enjoy everything February has to bring! 

Ashwini Selvakumaran,
Founder and Chief Editor, Of Awoken Magazine.



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