Winter break get-away essentials


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By: Haleigh Kochanski 

If some of you lucky girls are going to get to spend your Christmas in the tropics, you'll need a full guide on what to pack. Thankfully, I got you covered! 

 Beauty and Fashion Essentials  
After making sure I have sun screen, I always bring at least a tube of chap stick to wherever I go. Whether it's EOS brand or Carmex, it's great to always keep your lips moisturized. I usually tend to wear EOS when I am going out somewhere casual and Carmex on special occasions where my lips are really dry and desperately need moisturizing, even though it tastes bad.

����      My Carmex �� 

Sun Glasses. Sun Glasses. Sun Glasses. That's all I have to say about that. 
RayBan       Lunettes 
Curly hair or Beach Waves. I love either one and because my hair is naturally curly,and  it lasts for a few days. 
❤️������   or   . 
So the other night, I actually made my own pair of cutoffs. That's something I don't get, because why not make your own pair of cutoffs from an old pair of jeans, than just buy a pair with holes already in them. It doesn't make sense, but Cut offs during the trip are a Must- Have. 
        shorts | Tumblr 
I am a big sucker for Popsicles. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love, love, Ice Cream, but there's just something about making your own DIY popsicle that's fun. You can even make your own popsicle out of a Watermelon. Summer (or winter!) vibes anyone? 
It's very cold     ☪☮❥Laugh Out Loud!☯♛♡ 
During my getaway , I am obsessed with wearing the Bikini's from Target. Even though I am a little body shy, I discovered that having courage and being confident is the important thing. Plus, Bikini's are cute. 

I tend to like to go for exotic lip colors during my vacay like bright pink, orange or even the classic nude. Cover Girl has some great colors. 
    Pink lipstick** 
I usually find my nails covered in either a light baby blue or coral color in tropical conditions. It just tends to brighten up my day. 
manicure       �� 
Last but not least, I like to wear cute sandals to the beach or pool. On casual days, I wear my white pair of Ked's. 
G        National Donut Day! 
Have a spectacular trip! 

Stay Originally You,

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