The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Part Two

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By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

So, are you back to chime in with your opinions? Well, at least I hope you've received a bit more clarity on this controversial topic. Today it's time to draw out a list of solutions!

First let's identify the root cause which I'm sure you already know.
The Root Cause: The Civil War
If you need more information on the war, check out my firs article, here!
So, what can we do to try to put a stop to this atrocity?
Firstly, the host communities cannot be neglected at the expense of the refugees. Host communities are any country (or countries) that are hosting and providing shelter to Syrian Refugees. The more we help the host communities the more they will extend their hand, which will not tarnish relationships between countries. First, the UN and other aid agencies need an immediate vast increase in funding. World powers may disagree on how to resolve the conflict, but nothing is preventing them from addressing the humanitarian crisis, which increasingly threatens the stability of Jordan (now hosting 600,000 refugees), Lebanon (more than 1 million), and Turkey (about 2 million).
Secondly, we need to adhere to the humanitarian principles especially regarding impartiality.
If you take a look at this chart, it shows in great detail the four components of the humanitarian principles. In particular, I think we should focus on Impartiality with the greatest amount of detail. Sustained access is, in turn, crucial for strengthening the implementation of the humanitarian principles. For example, it allows humanitarian actors to directly undertake and monitor the distribution of assistance to people, thus ensuring that aid is distributed impartially and reaches those most in need.
 However, in order to truly end the civil war one must find a peaceful and political solution for Syria.

I have drafted a six point plan, in hopes to toss out some long-term solutions.
Step 1: Agreement on general, reasonable principles such as: 1) Preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Syria; 2) Preserving Syrian state institutions, including the army and the civil service; 3) Engaging all Syrian stakeholders in the political process; 4) Exploring the middle ground through boosting moderates; 5) Ending safe havens for terrorists in Syria; 6) Ending the provision of arms and finances to the violent opposition;7) Ensuring the rights of minorities; 8) Enhancing humanitarian assistances; 9) Working for a power sharing system; and 10) Exploring a practicable formula for peaceful political transition.
Step 2: The formation of a broad-based forum comprised of moderate, non-violent opposition groups and the government.
Step 3: The declaration of a ceasefire to be monitored by international observers.
Step 4: The expansion of badly needed humanitarian assistance.
Step 5: The implementation of the above agreements and steps through the formation of a transitional governing body.

Step 6: UN-organized and supervised free elections.
If we can achieve unity, and help implement these policies, I truly believe the threat of the Syrian Civil War will be diminished.
What do you think? Chime in with your opinions below!
-Ashwini Selvakumaran



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