The Joys of Burning Out

Do you ever feel like everything in life is going exactly how you want? Like, you’re not stressed out and could go for a piña colada right now?
Me neither.
As an IB student, I have taken excruciating pains to finish coursework, finish homework, study, finish IAs, finish my Extended Essay, finish CAS work, and juggle prefect duties, internships, and my blog.
Most of the time, this is my to-do list for the week.
Needless to say, I burn out. Often. A lot. All the time.
It’s now a way of life for all of my other poor, tired, IB classmates and I. We’ll make sad attempts to finish work, fail, and then cry while procrastinating, watching Suits and envying Harvey’s success and Mike’s hotness.
(For those of you who say that Mike isn’t hot… Oh my god. No. He is.)

I mean, yeah, we know that it’ll pay off when we get into our dream school and everything, blah blah blah.
But did the makers of this torturous curriculum ever stop to think that it’s a bit like binge eating? Except in reverse? Like, you binge eat for immediate gratification, and then gain ten pounds in one sitting. You do something ruinous to your health in a very short period of time, and then see the consequence. But in IB, in a very, very, short period of time, you do a effing ton of work, get stressed out, have anxiety and nervous breakdowns, and burn out, only to reap a reward later. I am essentially compromising my health and safety for the (not guaranteed) promise of a brilliant future.
What if I wind up on the streets, huh? What does IB promise me then?
But all of this isn’t even brought up at orientation sessions, oh no. The marketing of IB strategically hides that fact that you get WAY TOO LITTLE SLEEP FOR SURVIVAL. Its propaganda is such an optimistic misrepresentation of the true nature of the curriculum. It’s how they lure the children in.
After this post, if I die, you’ll know it was the IB Organization’s hitman.

All copyrighted components of this post are property of their rightful owners, not me. This is a satirical post, and does not mean to offend any mentioned parties.



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