Hey guys!  Skincare is a major part of being healthy and looking your best.  It’s super important to try to take care of your skin the best you can so you look and feel better! (2, 6, & 9 are my ALL time favorites).,
1.) LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub – I am a huge fan of LUSH because of the philanthropic part of their company, and their amazing natural products.  I love this popcorn lip scrub because it works really great, and it tastes kind of like kettlecorn.
2.) EOS Blueberry Acai Lip Balm – I have a couple of EOS, and they are honestly some of my favorite lip balms (the blue one is my favorite EOS).  They always moisturize really well, and I carry one all the time in my bags and you can get them at Target, Ulta, and a lot of other common stores.
3.) Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – Cetaphil always has great skincare products & their everyday facial cleanser is no exception.  It works really well and leaves my face refreshed and clean feeling.
4.) Freeman’s Dead Sea/ Anti-Stress Mask – This mask that I get from Ulta is fun to use with friends, or if you just want a nice face mask!  It leaves your face feeling more fresh & it’s apparently anti-stress too!
5.) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – I actually got this for Christmas & it works really well.   I usually take it for beach days, or for days where you want to look more natural.
6.) LUSH Angel’s on Bare Skin – This one if one of my all-time favorite products.  It’s my favorite natural face wash, it smells Super good, and it makes your face feel really clean and refreshed. Its probably the #1 thing I would recommend on this whole list if you had to pick just one to have.
7.) Biore Pore Strips – These are great for clearing out your pores on your nose & forehead.
8.) Clearasil Rapid Action Cleansing Pads – I have these & prescription ones that are stronger and, the pads are really great for decreasing any skin redness, or helping acne go away.
9.)100% Tea Tree OilBodyShop Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil  – This tea tree oil is a life saver.  If you have any pimples or get a pimple suddenly, just put this on it before bed and it gets better within the next day.  The tea tree oil is a natural way to dry out any blemishes on your face. (The Tea Tree oil smells really weird to most people but it works so well for any pimples). Any tea tree oil that says it is pharmaceutical grade and 100% tea tree oil is good, any other one can make your face more oil so make sure it is 100% tea tree oil.



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