Let's Talk Instagram

By: Cathleen Slagle

Ah, Instagram. One of the most popular social media, that's out there. Today, I'm going to toss our a couple of tips and tricks to keep your posts lively and out there! Let's begin. 

Tips & Tricks from me:

~To prevent unfollowers, engage with them. Most the time people only follow you so that they can get that follow back y'know? So basically you have to give them absolutely no reason to unfollow you. Continue to engage your followers on a personal level so that they continue to follow and keep up with you and your life and your posts. 

~Adjust the brightness and contrast, highlights and shadows, add a bluer tint ALL BEFORE adding that filter. Then adjust the amount of filter you apply. Add just enough, but not too much. 
~A while back I found out about the wonders of Iconosquare.. And how you can use it to analyze your Instagram data and further engage your followers and get the most likes. If you learn the patterns that are working, then it's easier to continue those patterns and make the most of your following.
~LIGHTING IS KEY! It doesn't have to be perfect.. remember there are editing tools, but get it as close to perfect as possible. Make sure you have your background set up near natural lighting, or take photos outside whenever you can. Natural lighting is easier for editing so I've learned.
~Always take multiple pictures. You always have one that's going to blur or line up weird.. So just always take at least 3 or 5, you can always delete later. I typically upload them all to VSCO then edit them all, and upload my favorite to Instagram. Add some finishing touches, and then post.

~Ever heard of the rule of 3rds? LEARN IT. So helpful! 

~Are you noticing that when you lighten your photos you lose some of the pop in the colors? Try adjusting the saturation.. Not too much, but just a little. Especially with the falling leaves the saturation really helps the leaves pop.

~Stay personal with your followers. I'm certainly not an expert at this, but I'm trying. Posting perfect captions isn't always what followers want to see. Show your followers that you're an actual person. Give them relatable content to engage with. 

~NO MATTER WHAT: never ever let your likes determine your worth. You are precious and worth so much more than some petty Instagram picture with only 50 likes! <3

That's it from me! Happy days y'all!




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