I scream, you scream, we all scream for Scream Queens


With Scream Queens ending, it's time for you to binge watch the show (If you haven't already).

By: Dinithi Jayasuriya

Scream Queens...where to begin. With Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and Ariana Grande that's quite the impressive cast. And, well I guess the name says it all. I mean they do scream approximately 47 times in each episode. 

I would describe it as hilariously horrifying. It’s a mix of priceless comedy and truly brutal horror. From stabbings, to dismantling of limbs. However, if you’re not one for bloody, and violent shows, don’t worry there’s more. I don’t like the savageness either, yet I’m endlessly hooked. 

This is because, there is a beautifully disgusting social system. Much like Regina George and any other, ridiculously good movie protagonist, there is always a ringleader. In this case, it's Emma Roberts as Chanel, who's more of a princess, with an equally bratty posse she can't even bother to remember the names of. 

But wait, there’s more. They run a sorority called Kappa Kappa Tau. *mic drop*. With money, power, and good looks, they run the world. That is until a serial killer named the “red devil” is let loose on campus. However, with the two new intelligent pledges Grace and Zayday (Keke Palmer represent!) the girls somewhat try to band together to save the innocent lives of the students, and their own. 
The Red Devil

With 3 deaths in the very first episode, it honestly grips you from the very beginning. The girls have to try to figure out who the serial killer is, while trying to solve a mystery death which occurred 20 years ago in a bathtub in the exact same sorority house. Along the way they learn to love, hate and run for their lives in their six-inch heels. Talk about dramatic?

Catch the first 11 episodes for free here!

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