Feminism? What's that?

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Who run the world? Girls.

By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

From Coco Chanel to Emma Watson, From Malala Yousafzai to even Queen Elsa in Frozen (for defying the typical standards of love set by Disney princesses), feminism has attracted worldwide attention over the years. From advocating for women's suffrage, to defending the right of what women wear, feminism can span on a wide array of topics, and unfortunately with that, amasses a wide array of controversy. 

So, let's get real. What is feminism? I'll tell you what it's not: It's not the idea that women are greater than men. that women deserve more money than men, or that women are better off without men.

With feminism becoming more popular in 2015, the success that comes with the terms of recognizing what it actually is, also bestows a downfall- the twisting of people's ideas and definitions about feminism. 

To me, feminism is simply achieving equality for women, the same as men. We're all amazing human beings. It doesn't matter what gender we are, each person on this planet has a totally unique mind and possesses some kind of incredible talent whether expressed in sports, writing, or through various art forms, basically anything really.

Spanning way back around the 1800's, men were typically classified higher on a social scale, then women, in terms of voting, education, and so many more. Fast forward to 2015 however, and it is fortunately very different. Women and men everywhere are becoming doctors, lawyers, and changing the world every single day. However, there is still a fight: For better education, for recognition of different rights, and for equality for all. 

To create a clearer definition of feminism, I questioned six unique, amazing girls who self-identify themselves as feminists, about what they had to say on this topic. Check it out:

Ashwini: What is your definition of feminism?

Laila: To me, feminism is the fight for gender equality.

Lana: I agree. In theory feminism is about gender equality, but in practice I've found it's much more about elevating women.

Libby: Feminism in general is the social, economic, and political equality of genders. To me, it's having the same opportunities as men, regardless of my gender.

Kayla: My definition of feminism is the fight for gender equality, but specifically the inclusion and uplifting of all women to have equal rights and opportunities.

Grace:  I would define it as the movement to have the same opportunities as men with the same social stigmas.

Sheena: A simple question such as "why is it men and women, not women and men?" Can trigger off the feminism scale. However feminism isn't about degrading men, but rather empowering young women all over the world to advocate for equal rights.

So what is feminism? Interestingly enough, I found a trend in that all six of these girls believed strongly in equality for women. In my final opinion, I feel that feminism is establishing equal opportunities in the world for men and women. To be a feminist is not to be hateful towards men, but rather create a culture in where we can live in equality. In the end, we all rock, both women and men.



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