Dear Denise


Hey Denise,

Lately I’ve been having trouble focusing as school. I’ve been getting lower grades than usual, and my parents are mad at me for that. I do not know how to cope with the stress!


Dear Help,

First of all, look at yourself in the mirror, and realize just how incredibly strong you are. Next, just give yourself a break. Being a teenager in this generation is immensely hard. Take a moment to yourself and figure out what’s bothering you. Are there academic, family, social problems that are really affecting you? Just figure out what’s wrong. After you figure it out, you need to understand the fact that you are a human being, and there is nothing wrong with being out of sorts sometimes. You know how everyone talks about the “up’s and downs” of life. Well these are the downs, and you’re going to have to face them. My biggest tip for you is to take a look into your mind, and realize what’s important to you. If it’s school and grades, then you need to put all other distractions and problems out of your mind. Clear your thoughts, and focus on what’s important. If you’re parents are mad at you, the only thing you can do is to get better grades. Show them what you can do. Lastly, to cope with the stress, I know that you don’t have time for spa days or Caribbean vacations. So just take five to ten minutes out of your normal day to go for a walk, or a hike, or to just make yourself some tea and read a book. Have some time for yourself, and truly understand what you want and need right now. Everything else is going to be ok. Trust me, we will always be ok.



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