Christmas: A Muslim Point of View

Credit// The Culture Arts

By: Rida Pasha

Muslims do not usually celebrate Christmas. There's not really any special event or celebration that really takes a part in our household. 

If anything, Christmas is just considered another day for us but we do tend to spend time with our friends and family over the Holidays and go out and have fun. 

My family and I love to enjoy a yummy home cooked dinner during the Holidays with our extended family, and there is plenty of festivity that travels around. We play games like charades and Monopoly, and hang out with one other, relishing the good company, and awesome food.

We do not typically put up a tree or stockings, but for us Christmas is just another day of spending time with our families and loved ones, relaxing and ultimately having a joyous time. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!



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