Christmas: A Hindu Point of View

Credit// The Odyssey 

By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

I've never really been the one to get overly crazed over Christmas. In the Hindu culture, Christmas is recognized as just another day of joyous celebration with our loved ones and family.

We usually put up a tree, the same plastic light up one that's been a Christmas staple since I was five. We hang up a bunch of decorations from my handmade ones from Kindergarten, to fancy snowflakes and hanging majestic reindeer. However, that's pretty much it for decorations. We do hang up stockings too though- which reminds me, I've still got to adjust the stockings!

Typically on Christmas, my whole family gathers in my uncle's house. I hail from Malaysia, and my parents are a part of the huge network of Malaysians that gather together to celebrate these wonderful occasions like Christmas.

Typically at these occasions, there's plenty of laughter, smiles and great food. We play games, sing songs, and exchange presents. Christmas is just another day of taking in one another's presence, and appreciating the things and people that we are truly grateful for in life.

It's also very important for our family to get involved. Last Christmas was our first Christmas where my family dedicated half of our morning volunteering with seniors, singing them carols and providing them comfort. It filled me with such a sense of peace knowing that I can spend my time making others feel loved as well.

On Christmas Eve, my family and I will usually watch movies and have a family dinner, with the occasional opening of presents. On Christmas Day, we take part of the Christmas festivities then come home and tell one another how grateful we are for each other. We typically call our family back home in Malaysia too, and all our loved ones to wish them a very Merry Christmas! So, from the bottom of my heart, to you readers, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!



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