Christmas: A Buddhist Point of View

Credit// Huff Post

By: Alissa Wang

Christmas is a warm and wonderful Holiday. 

My family celebrates the goodwill, kindness, and generosity in Christmas. We emphasize these virtues constantly represented in Buddhism. Compassion and love are celebrated in our household on Christmas day. 

Christmas is also a holiday where we spend quality time with our families, enjoying each other’s company. My family will typically spend the whole day together. It is also important for us to be involved with our surroundings. Last year, we volunteered at a soup kitchen for the homeless, serving hot meals. Not only did it fill up their bellies, but it filled us with a sense of gratitude as well.

Christmas is wonderful with all the bright shining lights, warm fires, and mistletoe, but I simply enjoy it for the divine blanket of love it knits my family into. Merry Christmas!



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