A peek in a teenager's mind

Who doesn't love "The Notebook?" Credit// The Notebook

By: Cathleen Slagle

Being a student in high school myself, there's so many thoughts that go through my head in a day.. and I know that most of it is pointless, and means literally nothing, but that's just high school! So here's a chance for y'all to peek inside my brain.. see what goes through my mind in a typical day at school. Get ready, this should be interesting. 
ugh.. morning.. wait is it Monday or Tuesday?

Shoot.. did I finish that?

Eh whatever. I'll finish it in class.

I really gotta pee... Is he taking a crap in there or something? HURRY UP I NEED THE PASS

This test ugh like I know anything.. I'll just put C. Oh wait I don't know this either. C. Ugh, why do I not know anything... I'll put C again. I wonder if I should change it up and put A just in case.. Definitely not. I'm sticking with C. 

Okay so this hallway is completely empty. It WAS a late start right? Wait why am I having a conversation with myself.. this is weird. Oh look someone's coming.. I should smile! Oh wow that was a really creepy smile.. sorry kid.

Did his voice just crack? Oh my goodness.. poor kid. 

Um, did I ask you about where your skirt is from.. Yeah I didn't think so.

Honey don't talk to me about Piko Shirts like I've never heard of them.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Shoot did I zip my zipper? I can't just check now.. That's weird. Um should I just glance down? yeah okay perfect. God bless it's zipped

Did I just go through my pad? Please no.. please no.. HALLELUJAH JESUS DOES LOVE ME

Wait, was he just staring at me.. Oh my gosh he totally was.. wait what should I do. wait shoot crap now I'm staring at him.. LOOK AWAY oh my now he's probably scared of me. yay. 

Awkward.. Why did he just stop on the stairs.. That's weird.. Why's he staring? 

Um why on earth is my new seat right here.. in the front.. ew.


Wait we don't get to pick our partners for the lab? That's annoying.

Pretty sure no one knew about that assignment.. Oh except for that kid.. whatever.. 

Done with this chick.

Didn't I wear that dress yesterday??? So um why are you wearing it now?

Could you be any more boring like really.. 

If you're trying to impress me by talking about your cat.. It's not working.. bye

Do I really not have a pencil.. who even am I

Seriously why do I drink so much water *drinks more water* I gotta pee

She's gonna think I have a bladder issue or something.. I mean I've gone to the bathroom 3 times already in the last 45 minutes

Would she mind if I like borrowed those grapes for an instagram post? Yeah that's weird.. I probably shouldn't ask her that. 

Hello.. I was talking.. Whatever, you know we'd much rather hear about your dead squirrel this morning on the side of the road.

Oops was I just staring at him again.. shoot. He's gonna think I like him or something.. Really I was looking out the window. At those flowers. That I'm gonna Instagram later.. oh crap I missed that "Can you repeat that please? I'm confused."

I wonder if we still have those cookies at home? I could really go for some oatmeal raisin right now

Oh HELLO Your cute

Can we like chew with our mouth's closed please.. Yeah k thanks

OKAY bad attitudes are NOT attractive buddy


I really just want to go home and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Did he really just say nice butt? yay. okay. Thanks kid. 

So that's cool now you won't talk to me? Um okay

Maybe if I go walk past his lunch table to get a spoon he'll say something --- okay apparently not. Did I really just trip over his bookbag.. that was.. wow. way to go Cath.

Pretty sure my heart is gonna burst out of my chest.. but why he's not even that attractive.

UGH AS IF *starts laughing* "What's wrong with you?" -some random kid

HOLY BICEPS oh that's awks he caught me looking

oh shoot oh no why is he STILL staring at me can we just talk PLEASE SO AWKWARD

Quit staring at me.. me walking around with a camera is not a reason to judge? 

blah blah blah blah blah... wait she just asked me a question.. "um the answer is true?" WOO POINT CATH

How did I know that about Harrapan society? Dude that was pretty awesome. 

Um what's an independent variable? I should know this I should know this what's wrong with me

Oh maybe that's why he's staring *casually.. okay who am I kidding NOT CASUALLY pulls dress down*

Does it matter if you forgot to put the flag up on the mailbox?

*Pulls out iPad to check blog stats* 

I wonder if my hair is frizzy in the back again.. I really hope not. Maybe if I put a little bit of water on it no one will notice... and everyone noticed.. yay. 


I really need to pluck my brows tonight.. holy crap we got a situation up there

Did he just snort? 

Is she aware that 5 inches of makeup only clogs pores? It ain't hiding anything darlin'

Wait, was I asleep.. oh no. oh no. this is bad this is baaaaad.. wait no one saw God bless. 

OH MY CHOKING DYING *coughs ridiculously because water* OH OH NO DYING DYING WAIT *coughing uncontrollably because water* WHY IS NO ONE TURNING AROUND I SEE HOW IT IS BYE Y'ALL. 

Is he for real staring AGAIN?! QUIT making things awkward and come talk to me.. It's not like I'm freaking Cruella deVil or anything *laughs out loud becuase picturing myself in polka dots instead of stripes* now that's a scary thought.. "WHAT are you staring at?! I make myself laugh! Is that a problem?!!!?"

And that's it for me.. That's basically what goes through my head in a day at school.. Notice the lack of education related stuff.. and how I spend most my time confused or having to pee or laughing at myself.. y'know that's just typical me. HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS!



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