Why Teenagers In The 21st Century Do Not Get Enough Sleep

By: Suprad Kafle

So, do you sleep enough?

Eight hours of sleep is the minimum hours of sleep that children between the age 13-16 however the National Sleep Foundation reveals that more than 50% teenagers only sleep for 6 hours or less. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a teenager must sleep for 10 hours in order pursue a good education and a healthy life but the case seems to be getting worse.

What is the reason behind this? Why do teenagers in general don’t get enough sleep compared to other people? One of the main reasons is due to technology (more specifically social media). Technology has advanced a lot over the past couple of years making it easy for teenagers to access Internet and social media. Science has also explained that bright light being emitted by phones/computers directly into the eyes from a close distance hampers the sleep making the user less sleepy. Teenagers have a busy life of course; connecting with friends is crucial for their social life and education as well but due to the easy accessibility of Internet this is having a huge negative impact. This is creating a cycle that tends to continue over time, they don’t sleep enough which affects their grade, which in turn will make them depressed, and they cannot sleep due to the bad grades that they got. Studies have also shown that students who tend to be more absent and fall asleep during classes are the ones that are very active on social media till late night.

Having enough sleep is extremely important to balance between physical, biological and emotional aspects. It also has an effect on brain development, which if not taken seriously might result in a severe situation.



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