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Depending on how lenient your teacher is,  some of you might be thinking "Oh, well it's no big deal" and totally blow your finals off. But it is crucial to recognize the importance of the grade and how it benefits toward your future. So without further ado, here are my best tips in helping you study for finals.

1. Choose a good spot- Whenever I tend to study, I go for a place that is comfy and yet will be able to keep me awake. Let me just say now, that studying in your bed is never a good idea as it leads to no focus and zero concentration. The Library is great, but sometimes it is hard for me to focus, because I tend to get distracted by the hundreds of books that call to me + there can be many distractions at the library (noisy kids, books calling my name...). That is why I sit at my nice kitchen table where I can spread everything out for me to see, plug in my Mac and focus.
2. No stress zone- Try to find a stress-free zone for your supplies, like a table or a shelf. Sometimes this is just impossible, but it can make it easier and not make it as stressful to accidently misplace something. 
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3. Turn up that Beethoven-I usually go on Spotify or Pandora (which ever one you prefer) and look up a studying playlist to keep me distracted from the other distractions around me. Music tends to help me zone out from what's around me and focus more on my work. I find that relaxing music such as the sounds of the piano or violin, help me to concentrate more than Drake's "Hotline Bling." (Love you Drizzy!)
4. Pick up a healthy snack and drink- I suppose that most people enjoy drinking caffeinated drinks to help them stay awake, but it is known that it can also increase your anxiety levels and that's why water is a good solution. It is not only healthy, but can keep you awake. For a nice snack, I usually nibble on carrot sticks, pretzels, grapes, berries and nuts.
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Tricks For Test Taking

1. Chewing gum- It is said that chewing gum or sucking on a mint while studying and doing the same thing while taking a test can increase grade scores, because your brain some way is triggered by the familiarity of what you were doing while studying, which can help you memorize certain details. If that makes sense.
2. Take Breaks- Make sure to take breaks every hour or so and stretch to increase the amount of blood flow to your brain, because I guess that gravity pulls your blood down to the lower part of your body when sitting down for a long period of time, decreasing blood flow to your brain. That's why when you stretch, it can release tension in your body and increase blood circulation.
With the new year coming, and exams approaching, I thought I'd might as well leave this up here. Any tips or tricks that I missed? Make sure to let me know!

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