The Latest With Celebs

By: Eliza Edelstein

Celebrities. The people we admire, look up to, and follow obsessively on all types of social media platforms just to be up on the latest gossip surrounding them. And the most interesting gossip is about their relationships and the traumas in those couples. Well as many of you know this summer and fall have been filled with celeb break-ups and makeups that have had all sorts of media coverage. I won't go through all of them but I'll make sure to highlight the biggest ones.
  • Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton: These two have been our couple goals for a long time (together for 10 years and married for four), which is why it was so shocking when they suddenly divorced. The supposed reasons for this were that Miranda had cheated with five guys including Blake’s best friend behind his back, which she and her friends deny. They believe that it is a situation set up in Blake’s favor to make him look better for leaving her. But Blake has not commented on this and has just said that he and Miranda will continue to remain friends no matter what happens.
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: Now this situation is a bit more clear cut than the previous one. Gavin was found to be cheating with the family’s Australian nanny for many years. The creepiest thing about this situation is that the nanny tried to mimic Gwen in outfit choice, hair style, and took pictures exactly like ones Gwen had taken years earlier. Apparently this situation had been boiling under the water for awhile and Gwen got steadily more suspicious as time went on. A photo surfaced on the internet awhile back of Gavin and the nanny on a hike where he had his hand on her bum, which was when Gwen's suspicions rose. The couple have two boys together which makes it even more sad that they are divorced. And to top things off Gwen and Blake are now together after being seen at award shows with each other and flirting on the Voice.
  • Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian and James Harden: After Lamar was hospitalized when several drugs were found in his system that caused his body to be in a critical state, Khloe rushed to the hospital he was in to show her support and take care of him. They are stilled married but have been estranged for a while as Lamar refused to sign the divorce papers. Khloe has since moved on with James Harden and Lamar was seen at a Nevada brothel with other ladies so they have been estranged for quite some time. Lamar has expressed interest in who Khloe’s boyfriend is and the matter of their relationship but so far nothing has happened. Khloe thinks that her and Lamar cannot get back to being in the romantic stages they were in before as a couple, and she remains happy with James.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: This one was the breakup that actually got me the saddest if anyone wanted to know. I have rooted for these two ever since they appeared in the Spider-Man movie together. But over the course of this year they have both been working on many movies that have taken them to all corners of the world which made it even harder for them to talk and see each other because they were so far away. The long distance relationship took its tolls on them and they called a break from each other in the spring. But a few months later they were spotted out in LA together making all our hopes rise again. Then in the fall they finally called it quits due to distance and how hard it was to keep in touch and go on dates.

That's the latest with celebrity news! Any couples I missed? Tune in to the comments below!



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