The Keswanis: The New Kardashians

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By: Ashwini Selvakumaran

I'm completely obsessed with the Keswanis.

Being a third generation Indian, I more than often found myself distraught over the lack of Indians in modernized Hollywood culture. 

But alas, Finally in 2015 we have some representation! Aside from Priyanka Chopra and her sick beats, and Raj Koothrappali from "The Big Bang Theory" we finally have a new web series centered on the Cool K's in town. (And no, it's not the Kardashians).

The Keswanis are the new family in town to watch. There's the Vine star with 2.3 million followers "Big Nik," break-out pageantry star Sarina Keswani, and the cute little Devina Keswani followed by father "Dr." Anil, and momager Vaishali. What a family!

Not only are they a successful family (as you can tell) but what really sets them apart is the compelling story they have to tell. 

The eldest child, Big Nik' (Nik Keswani, 17) suffers from dwarfism, having over 30 surgeries which have caused him partial blindness in his right eye. He has never got the chance to play sports, or and has difficulty completing the most normal things teens take for granted like being able to walk properly, or sit down steadily (I know take these for granted).

"I just felt so angry all the time" Keswani said in an interview with People, "But I've learned to channel my anger into something else."

And channel his anger he did! His hilarious vines have gained him more than 2 million dedicated Vine followers, and a recent dining invitation from Justin Bieber. Go Nik!

Let's move on to Sarina Keswani. Is it just me, or do Sarina and her mother look like twins? Sarina (15) has entered into the world of pageantry. Believe me, I am no sucker for pageants but when I heard what she had to say I could definitely empathize with her.

"For the longest time, I've felt shy and insecure in my skin" she said, "Pageantry has really helped to make me feel more confident about my body image."

I know I can definitely relate to self-esteem issues. With her humbleness and striking personality however this girl is stunning inside and out! "She's definitely going to turn some heads one day or another" father Anil, chimed in.

To the youngest and cutest Keswani, Devina, I hold nothing but love and admiration. Devina is a transgender child, and at only 6 years old it's shocking. In the Hindu Culture, we do not usually recognize transgender personalities. However we accept everyone as they are which is what I really love about the Keswani family. They are the epitome of this statement.

"One day Devina's kindergarten teacher called me and said you have got to come look at this" mother Vaishali had said, "Devina had drawn an elephant trapped in a cage. Anil had asked her 'why did you draw Jumbo sweetie?' she immediately said 'That's not Jumbo dad. That's me!'"

Vaishali gone on to say that they immediately recognized their "handsome baby boy" was actually a beautiful little girl. It has been a rocky road, but everyone in the family has been so loving and supportive of Devina. 

Devina herself is a bubbly little girl. She struggles with bullying at school and sometimes hate from other classmates, but that has never let her bring her and her family down. You go Devina!

Anil and Vaishali, Let me just tell you you're doing a wonderful job of raising your family. Nt only, am I so glad there is more Indian representation in the modern world, but I admire how much love this family has for each other. !hether it is Anil being there for Sarina at her pageants, or Nik vowing to protect Devina from any bully she may face. It makes me proud to see my culture represented by this "Modern Family" as Vaishali concludes. 

"We never meant to be a modern family, but we would have it no other way" She chimed.

I'm sure we wouldn't have it any other way as well. I'll definitely be catching up on their weekly webisodes!

*All information was taken by this article from People.



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