So You Want to Talk Politics?

By Maggie Kovick

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about the top four presidential candidates to be able to engage in a political discussion…

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Hilary Clinton- Democrat
Everyone knows her name. Specifically her last name, but Hillary Clinton is a household name being used now as much as ever. The Illinois native has been a senator, first lady, secretary of state, and twice running democratic presidential candidate. Suffice to say, her experience with politics is in no way lacking. Come November of 2016, many Americans expect to see her name on their voting ballots. The race for America’s 45th president has brought out Clinton’s liberal side. Many believe this change is due to her unexpected competition, Democratic Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ entire persona is inspired by three words: “for the people.” It has been speculated that Clinton has taken an uncharacteristically leftist stance on many subject to win back many of Sanders’ steadfast liberal followers. These issues include gay marriage, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and gun control. (More about this, here!)

Bernie Sanders- Democrat
He’s the name fresh on most liberal’s lips. He’s considered a “rockstar” among politicians, a breath of fresh air, and a glimmer of hope in a financially distraught country. He’s inspired a massive following among millennials, as well as a wide variety of leftists ready for change. He’s received millions of dollars in donations from people (not corporations) and small businesses. The senator of Vermont identified as an Independent for the first 73 years of his political career. It was not until his entry in the presidential race than he filed his name under “Democratic Candidate.” The three time mayor of Burlington, Vermont most likely made this choice because an Independant has never been elected as a U.S. President. He’s pro women’s rights, pro gay marriage, and anti-gun rights, as well as having clear intentions of substantially raising the minimum wage and making college tuition-free. Many see Sanders as a reliable candidate because he’s held the same beliefs since he entered congress. He has always identified as a Democratic Socialist, and has no intentions of changing (unlike Clinton, as stated above). He preaches the beginnings of the “political revolution,” and if elected, would fight to the death for an economically and fundamentally sound country. (Check out his website!)

Donald Trump- Republican
Trump, Trump, Trump. Where to begin… Let’s start with what the average American knew about the man before his joining the presidential race: 1. He has money. He inherited millions, and now has billions. Wow, this man must know how to do business, right? One would think so, but the man has declared bankruptcy more than any other major business in the U.S.. (Check this out!) 2. He’s a wee bit of a pig. Though he’s been famous for his verbal assault “skills” for years, his recent spars are fantastic examples of his… talent. He’s most well known for his irrational outbursts at women. At the republican debate, when Fox Reporter and debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, called him out for his sexist comments on women (calling them “slobs,” “pigs,” “disgusting animals,” etc.), he simply laughed and stated “only Rosie O’Donnell… Honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, even though I don’t have to be.” (See it for yourself!) Who knows, maybe this vocal warfare stradegy would work wonders in congress (no sarcasm here, I promise).
He’s also jumped on the “why did we elect a Muslim president?” train, despite Obama being a declared Christian. (See it for yourself!).
He believes in “traditional” marriage (despite having been married three times), and is a gun rights enthusiast. He promises to fix America’s “immigration problem,” and give Americans their jobs again, with the logic, “look, I’m rich, so I must be able to make all of you rich, too!”
If you want to get a taste of Trump’s personality and views, take a look at his twitter account: @realdonaldtrump.

Ben Carson- Republican
This guy is appealing to many conservative right-wing Christians. He’s a doctor, he has a TV show, and finally, he’s the guy who wants to bring God “back” into the country. Nevermind that America was founded with a strict belief in “separation of church and state,” we’re known for being a diverse melting pot of different cultures, peoples, and belief systems. The U.S. doesn’t even have a national language. Carson (along with many other republicans) envisions a Christian country. Not only does this disagree with the foundations on which this country was built, but it is oppressive towards the millions of Americans who don’t identify as Christian. Carson has stated that he wishes the supreme court had not abolished DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). He is also a strict anti-abortion advocate. He’s made a few comments on gun control laws that were uninformed, to say the least. (More about Carson, here!)
Although he is running for president, his political background is close to bare. He does not have the credentials most Americans believe necessary to successfully run a country, but this has not stopped him from gaining a following, even if it is less than diverse.

So now you have enough background information to chime in with a “yeah, that guy is cool!” when your dad starts talking to your neighbor about who he wants to win the presidency. You can even spark an argument between your religious uncle and flower child aunt at your next family function. If nothing else, I hope you’ve gained enough information to know a few facts about 2016’s presidential candidates, besides how atrocious Trump’s hair is.



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