Pray For Paris

By: Eliza Edelstein

On Friday the 13th 2015 a tragedy occurred across the pond in Paris, around the world in Tokyo, in Beirut and Baghdad, and down south in Mexico. Some were natural disasters like in Tokyo and Mexico where hurricanes and tsunamis threatened the lives of many people and some even went missing. But others were carefully planned attacks on innocent people whose lives will never be the same again. In Beirut and Baghdad bombings killed the attackers and the many people there, one bombing was at a funeral where people went to pay their respects. These bombings occurred out of nowhere just harmful attacks on people who were going about their business as usual. In Paris however the attacks were on an even larger scale. In a stadium, in two restaurants, on the street, in a place where a band was playing, attackers fired shots into the open crowd killing many as they yelled “Allahu Akbar (God is great).” Debris rained down as people laid prostrate on the floor next to many deceased bodies. People were taken hostage, as men begged and pleaded with the criminals to keep their wives alive. How much longer before the world wakes up and sees how bad it has gotten? The fact that now people wake up every day wondering if their city is next. Mothers and fathers must wonder if it's even safe to let their children out of the house. We live in a world that has pushed these issues under the rug but now it's time to fight back against these attackers who are using their God’s name as a valid reason to attack harmless people. Notice that the people they attack are ones from countries who accept immigrants, are supportive of peace and justice, and have many laws promoting equality of all. Their God would not want them to promote violence in his name. The God from every religion is one who supports compassion, empathy, and loving your neighbor. Not using violence to showcase your ideas. If we all stand together than we will be able to promote what the real version of equality is and try to stop this reign of terror that the world is currently in. We are all people who deserve to feel protected and secure, not constantly worried about what might happen to us. May the people who have died in the midst of these heinous crimes rest in peace and live eternally in Heaven. And may their families know that they have not died in vain but instead were people who were vibrantly alive and will always be remembered.

I’m sorry this world
could not keep you safe
May your journey home
Be a soft and peaceful one
11/13/15- Rupi Kaur (poet)



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