By: Haleigh Kochanski
When I was about 9 or 10 this amazing thing started happening to me called: Puberty. This wonderful thing that kicks girls right in their metaphorical balls. With guys, they get weird voice cracks, facial hair, and growth spurts. With girls, we get weird voice cracks, weight gain, stretch marks due to weight gain, some get growth spurts, instant sexualization, and periods and related pains, to name a few. Anyway, when Puberty started, my previously unblemished skin was suddenly flawed. I got pimples. Everywhere. I got stretch marks out of nowhere. Suddenly I had to deal with the way I looked and what the pretty girls thought of me. I know, stretch marks are like tiger’s stripes, but try telling that to an 11 year old who suddenly needs to buy new clothes that actually fit. People have these flaws and as they get older, they learn to handle them; they learn to embrace them. But these young children are entering into uncharted territory, only gathering the numerous horror stories their parents and older siblings tell them. It’s important to tell these children that it is okay, these things that are happening to them are just a small portion of life. I know that numerous people have spoken of this situation, but kids need to believe it. Not only are there body changes and awkward smells, but there’s also the new doubt in your mind. Making you it’s home and making sure you know it’s never going to leave. But to everyone reading this, if you’ve already gone through it or if you’ve just started or you’re in the middle of this rollercoaster: It’s cool. Everything is fine. Don’t worry about it. Do things you love. Forget snooty comments and other’s opinion on the shoes you were wearing today. You’re pretty cool.



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