E. Coli Scare Causes Chipotle To Close 43 Stores


Live in America? Obsessed with Chipotle? Have I got bad news for you.

By Ashwini Selvakumaran

Chipotle has temporarily closed 43 stores in Washington and Oregon. Reports state an E. coli outbreak was linked to various restaurants in the area caused the popular franchise to make their heart-breaking decision. 

According to the Washington State Department of HealthEight of those who got sick were hospitalized, however no has died due to the infection. There has been no evidence to support the qualms of why people have been getting sick, however the Department of Health believes it might be due to Chipotle's food, however delicious it may be.

“While the outbreak appears to be linked to food served at Chipotle restaurants, the food or other source of contamination hasn’t yet been determined and remains under investigation,” the Department of Health said in a statement.

“We immediately closed all of our restaurants in the area out of an abundance of caution, even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems,” he said in an interview with Times.

Sorry Chipotle fans in Washington and Oregon! Guess you'll have to stake out somewhere else to get your daily burrito!



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