Can't get enough of the games?

Just can’t get enough of the world of Panem? There’s a Hunger Games Exhibition that is traveling across the world! Currently it’s in NYC at Discovery Times Square until January 3rd, 2016. I recently went and loved it. The exhibit is divided into seven sections and has costumes from all the movies. There’s lots of interactive stations including a place to learn about each district, and even a place you can make your own rebel propo. You’ll get a look at Katniss’ interview dresses, the wedding dress and more.
Not only can you see Katniss’ many outfits, you’ll also be able to spot multiple Effie, Gale, and Peeta clothes on display.
You start the adventure in District 12, Katniss’ home. Here you’ll see Katniss and Prim’s outfits from the 74th Hunger Games reaping. Next you board the train to the Capitol. It’s plush carpeting and bright colors provides a clear difference between the train and the district. There is also a great photo opportunity here! There’s a seat just like on the train in Catching Fire.

Next you’ll be stepping foot into the Capitol. In this room some of the many things you’ll be able to spot are a President Snow suit, victor’s party costumes, and the clothes from the first movie that gave Katniss her “Girl on Fire” nickname.
Also featured in this section is an interactive Cinna sketchbook and tribute interview chairs. You’re able to sit across from Caesar and take a cute picture. The next part of the exhibition is all about the games. You can learn different knot-tying skills, find out about the different types of mutts in the arena, and do some stunt training. Next you’ll be out of Capitol territory and into District 13. Here is where you’ll find the gray District 13 outfits, and the black armor Katniss’ crew wears.
After leaving the District 13 zone, you’ll enter a room that’s completely dedicated to Katniss Everdeen. It includes her four most iconic costumes. Katniss’ hunting outfit, wedding dress, the Mockingjay dress, and her armor. I love how the outfits were in movie order- her hunting outfit first and her armor last.
The last part of your journey in Panem is a fan art gallery. I wasn’t expecting it, but I think it’s amazing how they included the best fan art so everyone could see it. Once out of the fan art room you’ll have the option of standing in a small green screen room and recording a video like you’re on a chariot at the tribute parade. After that you’ll be offered a chance to buy the video and pictures you may have taken at the start of the exhibit in front of a different green screen. Finally, the exhibit ends in a gift shop full of Hunger Games merchandise.

If you’re a huge fan I would recommend going- it’s definitely worth it and I had fun.

*All picture credits go to Mariah Santos




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