A Reflection For My Teachers

Oh readers, it's Sunday.

You know what that means, one more day before school!

Please will you graciously excuse me, while I sob in a corner, about how I profoundly need more sleep.

Well I guess I'll try to make the best out of my Monday. I want you readers to have a fantastic Monday as well. Today is going to be the best, most awesome Monday of your life! I can feel it! Furthermore, as part of this awesome Monday, let's chat about everyone's "favorite", school!

Oh school. I know how most of us, we dread Mondays, when the tenuous alarm clock outrageously blares in our ears, and our parents yell at us to wake up time after time, while we grudgingly pull ourselves out of bed to get ready for the long day. I'd be lying if I said I love Mondays. *sigh*.

Yesterday, was my recital for my singing and dance class. Sadly it has ended, but I will always treasure wonderful memories and stories from this enlightening experience. In fact I'm about to share one of these what I hope is an enlightening experience with you.

Yesterday I was complaining and whining to my equally annoyed classmates, about how we were dreading school the next day. I must've sounded like a brat.

Obviously, my dance instructor overheard us whining like the ignorant little children we were, about how it was so hot, tiring, and of course how school was the worst.

Strangely, she joined in our conversation! Not as one of the adults who always educate us about the importance of school and intelligence, but as a fellow human who like us hated Mondays. She complained too, as how it would be such a chore to get up for work, and teach the children.

This conversation, though it meant nothing of importance to my friends, was remarkably significant to me. I suddenly thought about my dance instructors efforts to teach all of us, and work cohesively with everyone to pull together this fabulously entertaining recital.

So I immediately stopped whining and complaining about how long rehearsal was. I wanted nothing more than to give back to my teacher, who had so willing sorted  this all together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of playing on my phone, or chatting to my friends about how boring this was, and dreading school, I paid attention to how my instructor cared for everyone, and so diligently choreographed these routines. I watched the whole show, and I must say it was ravishing. This was the first time I really noticed, the huge amount of precision and time it took to stage this recital. My teacher, my guru in fact, was so patient. I stopped whining, and realized how wise my guru is.

With this in mind, I thought about today, Monday. I thought about how I was dreading it so much. But perhaps, I thought maybe my teachers are dreading the same thing. Maybe they don't want to work as well, and would rather sleep in? But it's their job. They are wise gurus who are jubilant at educating kids and filling their brains with knowledge. My guru is so patient. I immediately vowed never to complain about Mondays again. My gurus are after all so intelligent, patient and kind, and we must take time to appreciate and give back to all of their tremendous efforts. They, along with our parents, it is they who also sculpt us into who we are today. Like the mantras my mother always plays in our kitchen, out gurus are wise, we must always respect them.

So without further description, here is a poem dedicated to all the teachers and gurus, in thanks for being so patient, and sculpting us into who we are today.

"Dedication to my teachers"

I want to thank you for being so wise
Patient, understanding, and kind
You receive happiness and are jubilant
When you pour the luminous cup of knowledge into our minds

Though we are not always gentle
And can sometimes be rowdy, and rude
Our teacher's are always waiting silently
Feeding us intelligence, never shroud.

Teacher, you never expect anything in return,
In fact you are radiating with joy
When you see us comprehending, diligently working, and understanding
All of us young girls and boys.

It is not just basic arithmetic,
You teach us how to become better people in just mere weeks!
Reflecting the knowledge of power and wisdom,
Yet, there is nothing more you seek.

How do I get through this life,
Without your blessings and teaching so true,
Teacher, you are molding me into the better person you know I can be
And today I am thanking you

Teacher, it amazes me
how much you do,
You are reliable, and help me, you guide me through this wonder we call life
Teacher, you are so wise, and for all that you do, I will always respect you.


*Picture credits to Ashwini Selvakumaran



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