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Hey Y'all,
Lately.. I have been looking for somewhat simple and easy things to do with my hair. I like to try things especially as we are approaching Christmas Fever! So.. basically I have a whole Pinterest board that I pin hair tutorials and other things like that too, but I thought that today I would share 50 of my favorite blog posts, videos, tips, ect. That I found on Pinterest! I hope that these ideas help you as much as they helped me:)

1. Banded Chignon: This hair style is surprisingly really simple and easy, while looking stunning at the same time! For the whole how to post go to Camillestyles.com. This look is very elegant and would be perfect for a night out, or any other occasion. You could also make this look very casual! If you had a much more simple not beaded headband, this look could look great with leggings and a t-shirt.

2. Celtic Knot: How unique is this? I am in love! It's simple, sophisticated, elegant, and just all around lovely.. Creds to Divinecaroline.com for this amazing tutorial! This look would be perfect for all kinds of occasions. The author of the post wore this look to a wedding! 
3. Messy French Twist: There is just something so elegant and classy that I love about this look. It is very simple and easy to conquer. There is not much thinking with this style... I think that it is beautiful even when it's messy! For the complete post: click here

4. Embellished Fish Tail: I love Missy Sue's blog. She is super pretty and posts fabulous hair tutorials. She is very talented when it comes to hair, and writing of course... You will be seeing a few hair pictures from her in this blog post! This fish tail is stunning.. The barrette certainly helps to bring the whole look together. See the whole tutorial here
5. Sideswept Waterfall braid: Another braid from Missy Sue.. I love waterfall braids. Maybe it's because they are flowy like a waterfall! I don't know.. But Missy Sue has a great tutorial if you are interested in learning how to braid this waterfall. See the whole post here: 
6. Ponytail trick: Ponytails that just hang bother me.. There are so many other things that you can do with your hair! I love the bobby pin trick with ponytails! It makes your hair look more fun instead of just hanging.. Here's where I found this trick: link 

7. Fishtail braid trick: This trick has no image, but this is such a great tip! Fishtail braids can be pretty hard.. Especially when you are braiding it yourself. If you put your hair in an over the shoulder low pony with an elastic, and then fishtail braid your hair! The elastic keeps your hair tight and straight while you're braiding. When you secure the bottom of the braid with another elastic.. carefully cut the first elastic at the top of the ponytail! {Source}

8. For easy waves.. Braid your hair, and then use your flat iron and go over your hair and press your way to easy imperfect waves! {Source

9. Add texture to your hair with a tooth brush! Some braids look best with fly aways and loose hairs. Use a tooth brush to add texture and fly aways to your braids! {Source}

10. Tuck and Cover: Here is another style from Missy Sue! How darling is this look? It is so simple, and perfect! For the whole tutorial.. Check out the post

11. Find an eyeshadow close to the color of your hair. Then dust the eyeshadow along your hair part. This will make your hair appear much thicker! Such a great idea from this post.

 12. Put your hair in a pony tail with a clear elastic. Then take a piece of hair and wrap it around the clear elastic! This will give you a much more chic and pretty ponytail. {Source}

13. The alternative braid: This braid was first posted on TwistMePretty.com I am in love with how unique and casual this braid is. Here's a YouTube video tutorial so that you can do it yourself:)

14. Top knot: I love this look! For the whole tutorial click here
15. Quick Curls and a headband: I love love LOVE this look from The Small Things Blog! The soft curls are just beautiful.. To see the tutorial click here
16. I couldn't find a link to give credit to for this fabulous hair style!  Full photo creds to this blog: link I love this twisted bun... 
17. Disney's Frozen Elsa braid: Ever wondered how to make your hair look like Elsa's in the the Disney Movie Frozen? Well guess what? There is a whole blog post complete with a video tutorial and pictures to help you complete this look over on www.makeupwearables.com

18. French Fishtail Seashell braid: This braid is beautiful.. It sounds really complicated, but the author of the blog Kouture Kissmakes it look extremely easy! It is such a lovely summer-y that I love! 
19. Scarf wrapped bun: I love the look of scarves in your hair for Summer.. I would have never thought of wrapping a silk scarf around a bun like this! See more styles with scarves here: link

20.Low Chignon: I love this style so very much! This is the perfect wedding hair style.. See the complete tutorial here: link 

21. No heat beach waves: Beachy waves are very casual and easy to work with. Once you can get your hair into these beachy waves you can do just about anything with your hair! I personally like the idea of doing these waves without heat much more than with heat.. It just makes things easier! Check out the full tutorial here: link
22. Braided Top Knot: Topknots are so very simple and classic... I think that the idea of having a braided top knot is just such a good idea, and I will certainly have to try this out myself. For the whole post click here

23. Low rolled bun: So simple.. Even I can do it! link 
24. Two Strand Waterfall twist: Even though this style is a modified version of the waterfall braid.. It's still beautiful! See the tutorial here: link 
25. Ponytail Twist: This is such a simple and easy style, that looks great too! {link}
26. Braid Wrap: This style is so easy! Can you braid? Can you flip your hair? Good, then you can do this style! link

27. Half up half down style: This style REALLY caught my eye when I first saw it! It is beautiful! Very simple.. Certainly one of my favorite styles in this whole post. {link}
28. Ways to wear a headband: This is another post from Missy Sue.. I am in love with ALL the hair tutorials from this girly! If you are ever wondering what the heck to do with your headband..  Just check out this post

29. Wraparound bun: Oh.. This bun is just stunning. One of my favorites! {Tutorial
30. Dutch Headband Hair tuck: Yet another style from Missy Sue! Can you tell how much I love all of her tutorials? I have always been a huge fan of dutch braids, and also braid headbands so this style is just perfect! {link}

31. High Pony: High Pony tails are just so simple... I love it especially with the curly hair in the pony! {link}

32. French Twist: Such an elegant look.. I seriously need to try this look out! {link}
33. Fishtail braid: I love the fishtail style of braiding.. It's so simple, classic, and chic. Here's an easy tutorial to help you do your own fishtail braid! {link}
34. Half Up fishtail: Once you can do a fishtail braid.. Try to do this half up style! {link}
35. Knotted bun: This is such a simple and chic look. I'm going to try this like right now! {link}
36. Crown Braid Chignon: This style reminds me of a fairy or something.. It's absolutely lovely! {link}
37. French Braid Bun: The look of a braid going into a bun is very elegant. It can be difficult sometimes though.. I hope that these tutorial helps you, as much as it helped me complete this look! {Link}
38. Short Hair Chignon: If there is one hair style that I love the most.. It would have to be the chignon! My hair isn't the longest.. So it's always good to see a shorter hair version of this style. 

39. How to keep your waves overnight: Don't you hate it when your hair is perfect and wavy the night before, and you just know that when you wake up all the waves will be messed up... Well, this post from The Beauty Department is very helpful for keeping your waves overnight! {link}

40. Hair Brush Guide: I know this isn't like a braid or a bun or anything like that.. But I think that it is very important to know about all the different kinds of brushes and what they do for your hair! {Link}

41. Triple Twisted Ponytail: I typically either have my hair up in a bun or a pony so I enjoy trying out different styles instead of just the same old same old. This Triple Twisted Ponytail from Twistmepretty.com is so unique and anything but typical! 

42. Twirled around: I love how simple and casual this look is. You can dress it up with a bigger headband or keep it simple with a small headband.. This is a basic style that every girl needs to know how to do. {link}

43. 8 ways to wrap a scarf: I have never really used head scarves before when it comes to hair.. But, I think I might have to give some of these a try after looking at all of Twist Me Pretty's hair styles! {link}

44. Braided Headband: This is one of my absolute favorite braid styles. EVER! I love these braided headbands.. Twist Me Pretty does a fabulous job at doing hair tutorials! Link

45. Twisted Sister: This looks so much more complicated than it really is. The beauty department does a great job at explaining it step by step for their readers! {link}

46. Infinity bun: I have never seen a bun like this one before.. I think that this is a very original bun, and it's neat because it does look like an infinity symbol! {link}

47. Pearl Barrettes: These hair pins are so beautiful! Instead of going out and buying those decked out barrettes and clips, just make your own! {Found on Picmonkey}
48. EASY No heat curls: I have done this myself, and I can tell you personally.. It is a fast and easy way to get curls without heat. It's comfortable enough to sleep in, but  a few things to keep in mind: make sure that hair is damp not wet, and don't wrap your hair super tight unless you want Shirley Temple curls.. Wrap it loosely and don't wrap the front few pieces of hair unless you want those curled up to your forehead! Other than that, this is a great hack for anybody looking for easy curls {link}

49. Knowing the right way to wear bobby pins: THE WAVY SIDE GOES DOWN; THE STRAIGHT SIDE GOES UP! Every girl deserves to know this.. {link}
50. Make your own dry shampoo: Dry Shampoo is a good tool for many hair styles. It helps to add texture to certain styles.. I love a good DIY project and so DIY dry shampoo is a great idea, and I cannot wait to try it out for myself:) {link}
Y'all.. I spent an ENTIRE DAY putting this post together. I hope that all of these tutorials, tips, tricks, and everything help y'all with your hair! Let me know which style is your favorite in a comment below:)





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