A review on the 'Perfect Palette' by Pati Dubroff

By Haleigh Kochanski

I was recently cruising around my neighborhood Costco and stumbled across the Perfect Palette by Pati Dubroff. If you didn't know, Dubroff is a well known celebrity make up artist. You may have seen her work dolled up on celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow in her debut at the Iron Man 2 premiere or the spectacular job she did on Natalie Portman on her cover of Dior magazine. I knew I just had to get my hands on this!

Let's start out with the cost. At Beauty's Most Wanted, it cost about $42.00 for the palette, while at Costco, it cost about $21.99. So that was a plus! Let me show you what the actual Palette looks like.
In this palette there is a total of twelve colors. It's a very neutral, as five of the shades are matte and seven of them are frosted. With it comes a decent sized waterproof eye liner. In my opinion, the colors at the top of this palette are very pigmented and bright, and the bottom is more versatile. Starting from the top left corner, the shades are Bare, Parfait, Oasis, Shiitake, Woodrose and Raven. At the bottom, there is Goddess, Glace, Praline, Bellini, Henna and Vapor. Let me show you a quick swatch of some of the colors.

The packaging is card board, not really all fancy schmancy. (When I say fancy, I refer to Urban Decay's Naked 2 basics palette). I picked these colors as these would be an array to choose from when getting ready for a normal day. Compared with The Naked 2, the eye shadow is just as well made and doesn't smudge. Very surprising considering the price difference! This palette is pretty inexpensive for what it comes with, but very good in terms of affordability. 

Aha! But here comes the catch. The eyeliner included in the set on the other hand is difficult to use. The brand is Caviar by Laura Mercier, which has a sort of darkish brown tint to it as you can tell by the picture. It moves rigidly along the eyelid but is water and smudge proof.  I recommend that a person use this eyeliner for the waterline for subtle definition, and have a general liquid liner for regular use (Try this from Sephora!) 

To conclude, the nude palette works perfectly with any skin tone color. I pretty much recommend it to anyone that's looking for an affordable buy and overall a great palette if you're more focused on having that flawless go-to eyeshadow.

I give it..........
It's a wonderful palette for it's price range.

*All Picture Credits go to Pati Dubroff
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