A letter to my ex-best friend


Hey you,

I know we haven't talked in a while. How have you been? I always see you in the halls with your new blonde haired best friend. She's awfully pretty. I wonder if she ever hurt her tummy from all the laughs she's shared with you like I did. Or perhaps shoved a huge banana split rapidly down your guys throats, in an effort to win a free meal at Applebee's. Maybe she spent all night talking on the phone until her mom screamed at her.  Remember those good old days?

I see you've gotten a keratin treatment and auburn highlights in your light chestnut hair. You always used to talk about making a change to your hair. I always used to discourage you. I personally loved your natural hair. It's curliness reminded me of the twisting branches of the gentle oak tree at the park we used to play kickball at when we were kids. It always used to smell like warm peanuts at the baseball games we went to. 

I wonder if your new best friend knows that. I wonder if she knows your secret love of Disney movies that you were embarrassed of because you thought it was uncool. Or if she knows that when you were 11 and we were riding bikes you fell and got a gash on the side of your forehead that bled so bad the hospital had to stitch it up. How you grew out your bangs the whole year of sixth grade just so you could cover your scar. It's barely prominent now is it? I bet it isn't. 

I remember over the summer you had a crush on Sander and started getting into basketball to impress him. I remember how there were fewer movie nights and more basketball practices. Fewer calories and more crop tops.

I remember when summer was over you didn't want to play kickball anymore. You were afraid of going to Applebee's because you didn't want to gain weight. You tried out for the basketball team and made it. I was never really good at basketball. 

I hope you're doing well. I hope your new best friend knows how lucky she is to have you. How your smile can light up a hallway or how that hilarious pig snort makes laughing unavoidable.

I miss you, I really do. It's sad we probably won't ever utter a word in the hallway perhaps a bare smile. Yet I smile when I think of all the great memories we've shared. Because of you I've learned what a friend is and how they truly should be. And I'll watch you on the basketball court shooting a perfect basket, while I cheer quietly on the sidelines. As you walk away with your teammates planning to celebrate, I'll smile and think of all our old dance parties we had when we used to win kickball tournaments. And as you leave I'll go home and watch a movie, staring at the phone thinking how considerably cheaper my parent's phone bill has become. Maybe I'll dig around for your phone number and congratulate you on your win. I'll probably end up eating a banana split for old times sake.




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